Viss Gold Wrinkle

1. How does the Viss galvanic skin care machine work?

Negative electrons flow from the Treatment Head on a circuit. Your positively charged skin care products are attracted with a magnetic pull and are carried deeper into the skin. When your serums, creams and moisturizers reach the deeper layers of the epidermis they are able to perform better to maximize beauty benefits.

The combination of ionic infusion and vibration working together at the same time helps to transport the beneficial ingredien ts in your skincare products to the deeper layers of the skin. Serums, creams and moisturizers typically settle on the surface of the skin when applied with finger tips . Viss Gold Wrinkle’s enhanced technology carries those products deeper into the skin to maximize benefits.

2. How do I clean the head?

Use a damp cloth or wet tissue to wipe it.

3. How long should each use be for?

Use it for about 5 minutes until the cream or serum is absorbed into the skin.

4. Can I use around upper eye lids?

Yes. Just make sure the cream or serum does not go into your eyes.

5. What kind of batteries does it need?

It uses an AAA battery.

6. Will this help with sagging jaws, and eyelids?

Dry skin is the main cause for wrinkles and saggy skin. Viss Gold Wrinkle will keep your skin moist and prevent saggy skin an d wrinkles when constantly and frequently used.

7. How do you change the battery?

Turn the lid on the bottom of handle clockwise.

8. Does Viss Gold at home facial machine come with a battery?

An AAA battery is included.

9. What's material of the head?

It is gold titanium plated metal.

10. What is the red LED light for?

You’ll reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish enlarged pores and get the boost of confidence that comes f rom. You will look younger and have a healthier skin. The technology has been used by dermatologists in their offices for over a decade. LED lights work by gently penetrating the skin at various depths to stimulate the skin’s physiology.

11. Is it warm?

Viss Gold Wrinkle does not generate heat.

12. Does it make a noise?

Viss Gold Wrinkle does make a noise because of its vibration.