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VISS RF-Deep massage effect of a patent rotating head

Deeper massage with powerful motor!

VISS RF has been developed to be used easily at home by busy people with a modern lifestyle. Its powerful motor provides you a deeper massage, same as a treatment by an expert masseur. VISS RF has been created for face and neck massage, but it can be used anywhere else on your body where you feel a deep stimulating massage is needed. Satisfaction granted with the head rotating system, a patented system, and with its easy-grip design.

Automatic Head Rotating system

VISS RF has a auto-rotating head function. This patented technique is developed for providing a deeper massage effect. Head tips: the main tip(+) is placed in the center,  with sub-tips (-) surrounding it; this in order to create a stable massage together with a rotation function.

Head rotation function benefits:

The rotation has 2 functions: a mechanical one, providing a massage that increase elasticity ( like a skin work-out); and an absorption one, increasing and optimizing  the heat delivery into the skin.

A titanium head to lessen irritations

 VISS RF head tips are gold plated and high quality titanium made, to minimize skin troubles.

Certificates & Patents