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View Viss Beauty Customer Reviews as They Have Found Answers to Their Skincare Problems Here with Our Excellent IPL for Hair Removal, Anti-Aging, Skin Care and Hair Loss Treatment Products Which Are Clinically Recommended and Used Widely for Its Result-Guaranteeing and Easier Process and Excellent Support for at Home Treatments.

  1. Suria (store manager)

    Shipping Cost
    Oh. I needed it. But found out shipping cost is free over USD100. I am getting it on amazon.

    RF Massage Cream & Moisturizer – VissBeautyRF Massage Cream & Moisturizer – VissBeauty

  2. Valentina Karpenko (store manager)

    The device is a bit awkward to hold since the cord comes out of the side instead of the bottom. It’s a bit wide in diameter, so it takes some getting use to holding it. Although it keeps a steady temperature and is easy to use because of the rotating head, which is really very nice. You only need to hold the device and let it do all the work. I also like the topical cream which is not sticky, but lets the device glide smoothly. I really like the massage on my face and so far it’s the best RF device I have tried,and I should have given it more time, but since it came from Korea, I didn’t know how long it would take to return. So unfortunately, I returned it too soon.

    RF Skin Tightening Machine With RF CreamRF Skin Tightening Machine With RF Cream

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