Cannot compare!

I first bought the IPL system several years ago and it was amazing. I havent used the machine in over two years and my arms, legs, underarms and bikini area are still 90% hairless. The lamp had expired and i thought i would try a different system instead of purchasing a new lamp, as they are quiet expensive. I have so far tried two different IPL systems and they were not even worth the time or the money. I'd rather had paid for the new lamp on the VISS machine. Back to old faithful.

thanks for your review. Please send your order number to We will issue USD10 coupon for you. Thanks

used 2 months

I'm sharing these with my mum. Been loving RF moisturising and massaging effect. Haven't seen much results with IPL myself, but my mum has. I might as well give it to her or get a hair removal cartridge for myself.

works on freckles

I have light freckles all around my face and neck and these systems really work !!! Also, I have noticed that they lift sagging skin on my jaw and make it smooth and moisturized....used for 3 weeks and it's definitely worth of money !!!


I can not attach my after pictures in this review.I really like them and they both gave me good results. I had light freckles all around my face and dry skin. Those freckles are getting better and This RF wand makes my skin moisturized and skin texture is getting better too. Thanks. PS : I left a reveiw. How can I get USD10 coupon for it? I need to order a cream for my RF wand.

Please send your email address to We will issue USD10 coupon for you. Thanks for your review.

Viss Ipl and 2 cartridges of choice

Works very well. Significant response noted within the first month. The Lamp size is a bit small so treatment sessions for larger areas take quite long

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