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Worth the cost

I'm a mid 50s female and I've been using it for 1.5 months and I can already see a difference in sun damage and age spots. My skin also feels smooth, tighter and less saggy.

by Stacie on
This really works!!

It came fully charged and I tried it just out of a hot shower. It removed dead skin cells and cleaned out the pores. I am definitely happy with my purchase and would recommend it!

Viss machine

it's an amazing machine. I really feel a big difference and I have been using it for just two years. my hair grows back slowly and not in all the areas. I love viss because it's safe and can be used at the comfort of my own home and my own time.

by Steph on

I've used many things to clean out my pores and this is by far the best.

My experience with Viss

Viss IPL machine and lamp are amazing. I used to be veryyyyy hairy and now my hair barely grows. I've been using viss for the past 5 years and I can safely say that I forgot all about waxing and silk epil. Viss machine totally changed my life. I wrote this review after buying a new lamp. My first lamp lasted almost 4 years and I was using it semi regularly. Thank you viss

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by Tsang on
VISS IPL - Hair removal + Skin rejuvenation

I bought the IPL Hair removal + Skin rejuvenation system 4 month ago. There were some shipping issues but the customer service followed up immediately after received my email and provided updates to me. However at the end, it still took 10 days to ship to Canada.

I am a Asian who have beige skin tone with dark brown hair. I used the IPL hair removal cartridge 1-2 times a week in level 7 for 3 months and founded that more then 80% of hair at the treated area have gone and didn’t regrowth yet. It really works on thicker hairs but it does not work on thin hair such as upper lips hair.

My main goal on buying VISS is use it to remove or lighten my freckles, however the rejuvenation cartridge had NO sign of help at all.

I followed the recommended steps with Level 8 once a week for 4 months. There was NO sign of improvement in skin texture, no color change for the dark spots, no improvement on the winkles or fine lines on my face at all.

I am quit disappointed with the rejuvenation cartridge.Therefore I will rate 5 stars for the hair removal and their customer services but 1 stars for the rejuvenation, so average of 4 stars.

Sorry to hear that the rejuvenation lamp is not working on your skin problems. It works on freckles and improve wrinkles. But some people don't see the results like your case. Because skin types and all expectations are different. In this case, please use Viss IPL skin rejuvenation system with Viss RF massager. These both systems creates stronger synergy and It will definitely show you the results. since we have one month return policy, try it and if you still think it's not working for you, you can return Viss RF after one month.