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Viss sonic skin scrubber & blackhead removal device utilizes 280,000 micro-vibrations per second to remove 99% of impurities on your skin. Viss Sonic provides a special nose function which effectively clear out blackheads, whiteheads. It also helps skincare products penetrate into skin through Iontophoresis function.

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Exfoliation and Nutrition Funtion with a single skin scrubber device

• Two different Exfoliating function ( Face and Nose ) VISS Sonic is a high quality skin scrubber / microdermabrasion device that vibrates 280,000 times per second. It helps effectively scrub blackhead, whitehead, acne, cutin, dead skin, comedones, pimple. Viss sonic has another unique function for nose. Different waves will help remove blackheads on the nose.

• Skin Nourishment : Viss Sonic blackhead removal device makes your skin smooth and silky by letting nutritious components being absorbed deeply while applying functional cosmetics on your face

• Lift and Firm face skin : It promotes blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, helps to remove facial wrinkles, lifts and tightens the skin.

• Convenient Rechargeable System : You can use USB data cable to achieve fast charging through computer, mobile power and mobile phone charger easily.

• Guaranteed : 60 Days Money Back and 12 months full guaranteed !! Enjoy the powerful and high-quality device which is made in Korea.

What does it do?

Skin Exfoliation Mode

Dead skin cells and wastes can be removed
only with water left after washing the face.

Nose exfoliation mode

Narrow areas like the nose
bridge can be treated with the
short cycle vibrations of the
nose ultrasonic mode

Iontophoresis mode

Active ingredients are more effectively
absorbed into skin with ionization.

How to use

On- Off power Button : Press the button to turn it on. To turn off, press the button for 3 seconds. It automatically turns off if the machine is not used for 30 seconds.

Exfoliation button for face : Press the button once to operate exfoliation setting for face and other skin parts.

Exfoliation button for Nose : Press the button twice to operate exfoliation setting for nose.

Nourishment button : Press once to infuse nutrients deeply into the skin through Iontophoresis function.

Lifting button : Press 2 buttons and it allow lifting effect through ultrasound and Iontophoreis functions.

Exfoliation setting – Skin Scrubbing

1. Keep your skin moist after washing it.
2. Exfoliate your skin for 1-2 minutes with selecting skin scrubber’s Sonic button. The skin area should be wet with water to enable ultrasound exfoliation.
3. Press Sonic button twice to enable Nose exfoliation setting.

Iontophoresis setting – Nutrition Supply

1. After washing the face, apply serum or cream of your choice.
2. Make sure to hold the silver ground plates on the body. It won’t work properly if you don’t hold the plates.
3. Massage the face with the spatula part of the Skin Scrubber device to penetrate nutrients into your skin

Recharging Information

-.Charge the device fully for the best results.
– It will work for 30 min with 2 hours charging.
– When it is being charged, all 3 button light will be on sequentially.
– When it’s fully charged, all the buttons will be off automatically.
– Do not use while it is being charged.


– Do not disassemble the device
– Keep in a dry place. It is not water-proof.
– Keep away from children
– Do not use it where the temperature is too high such as a sauna


– Children under age 14
– If you have a skin disease such as active skin cancer, if you have a history of skin cancer or any other localized cancer in the areas to be treated.
– If your skin is sensitive to electric heat and easily develops a rash or an allergic reaction
– If you have a pacemaker, or any other kind of implanted electronic medical device
– Over or near anything artificial like silicon implants, Implanon contraceptive implants, pacemakers, subcutaneous injection ports (insulin dispenser) or piercings
– If you are pregnant

Technical Specification

Product Name
Model No.
Energy Output
Charging Time (Usage Time)
2 hours (30 minutes)
Product Weight
Product Size
279x53x29 mm
Country of Origin
South Korea
Manufactured by NARIAN Co. Ltd


1. How do I use the Sonic II?

Scrubber Mode — Wash your face with the cleanser you would normally use. Press “SONIC” button once or twice, the latter being more powerful, to begin scrubber mode. Wet each section of the face with water or facial mist. Hold the spatula on a 45-degree angle on your face and glide across your skin. Press the button twice for your nose or where you would normally have blackheads or whiteheads.

Infusion Mode — Apply your serum or moisturizer without rubbing it in. Press “ION” button to activate infusion mode. Flip the spatula. The power button should
face the skin being treated. Hold the spatula on a 20-degree angle on your face and glide the spatula all over the skin and for lifti ng mode, preferably press “SONIC”
button again to let the ultrasonic vibrations drive the serum deep in your skin.

2. How long should I initially charge the spatula?

Charge the Sonic II for 2 hours initially. This should worth about 30-minute use. During charging, the light of three buttons wi ll be on and off in turns and will have all of the three lights on when fully charged.

3. How do I clean the spatula?

Make sure not to submerge the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber in water to prevent damaging the unit. Use a damp cloth to wipe the bl ade.

4. How many vibrations per second does this provide?

The Viss Sonic II creates 28K vibrations per second.

5. Does this have a cap to cover the head?

Yes, it does come with a cap for the head.

6. What kind of adapter does it come with?

It only comes with a USB cable.

7. What country is this made in?

It is made in South Korea.

8. Does the head need to be replaced with time?

No, the spatula head is reusable. Just make sure to clean the head before and after use.

9. Can it be used at 22V AC?

Yes. You can charge it with the provided USB wire, connect with a laptop, wall charge, or power bank.

10. Can the Viss Sonic II be used on multiple people?

Yes, it can. But we suggest not. Like a tooth brush, different people can share the same one but normally don’t.

11. Does this remove facial hair?

No, only blackheads and whiteheads.

12. Is it waterproof?

The body of the machine is not waterproof, so please submerging it.

13. Can I use it while connected to USB cable for charging?

The Viss Sonic II cannot be used when charging.


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