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Perfect Skin Package for Veins and spot removal & Skin...


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Viss IPL + Viss RF combination system has been developed to deal with more serious skin problems, such as deep facial lines, medium acne scars and deep rooted veins or spots. These two different technologies are a procedure that combines 1Mhz radio frequency with 550-900nm light wave to achieve excellent results. These combined systems will offer more aggressive treatment than IPL skin rejuvenation treatment itself.


We may not be younger, but we can look younger

More aggressive and stronger treatments

Each system separately improves skin texture, eliminating discolorations, reducing rosacea, and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. But When such factors are particularly severe, VISS IPL + Viss RF combination may be a better option. While this procedure is more invasive than an IPL , this combination systems provide better treatment for multiple skin issues and also encourage the production of new collagen, reducing fine lines and improving skin tone.

What's included?


Main device,
One skin cartridge,
UV goggle,
Ac cable, Manual


Main device,
one RF cream,
one Organic cream,
Hair band,
Dc adaptor

What is IPL?

IPL= Intense pulsed light is an impressive skin treatment. Beauty lovers might leverage this treatment to remove unwanted hair and to get younger-looking skin. IPL treatment can help them to deal with multiple skin problems like darker patches, scars, spider veins, etc. That device delivers a broad-spectrum pulse of light to the skin, which is absorbed by melanin inside your skin. This helps to destroy pigmented cells and treats almost all skin issues.

1 Shot

Pigmented spots
and rosacea

Viss IPL skin rejuvenation system

Advance skin rejuvenation solution by Viss generates 550 to 900nm of broad-spectrum pulse light. Its non-invasive treatment helps users to revitalize skin blemishes that also without disrupting their skin’s surface. It can be considered as the best solution for multiple skin treatments such as aging signs, blood vessels, acne, pigmentation, and many more.

Viss IPL Specification

Product Name : VISS IPL
Model No : PL-1000
Current : AC (Free Voltage)
Energy Density : 25 Joules
Frequency : 50-60Hz
Product Weight : 1.3Kg
Product Size : 196 x 138 x 178
Light Spectrum : 550~900nm
Country of Origin : South Korea
Manufactured by Narian Co.Ltd

What is RF?

Radio Frequency (RF) is used to heat your skin to stimulate hyaluronic acid and cutaneous collagen production beneath your skin. This helps in reducing the appearance of aging spots and fine lines, which cause dullness and aging skin. Users can leverage excellent results through its use, they can experience a reduction in aging signs, wrinkles, and improvement in skin tone and elasticity.

2 Heat

Tightens sagging skin
and enhances
skin texture

Viss RF skin tightening

Viss RF tightening is a beauty solution at home that tightens skin with its patented rotation head and 1Mhz radio frequency. VISS RF is the best tightening procedure to effectively tighten sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, improve skin’s elasticity, and brighten skin tone.

Viss RF Specification

Product name : Viss RF
Model No : NP-13-1000
Current : DC 100-240V Frequency : 1Mhz
Energy Output : 6W-16W Product Weight : 200g
Product Size : 150*54*44
Country of Origin : South Korea
Manufactured by Narian Co.Ltd

How to use

– Cleanse the area that you want to try.
– Treat Viss IPL on the desired area.
– Apply Viss RF cream and massage with Viss RF .
– Wipe out the excessive rf cream after massage is done.
– Apply Viss moisture cream or cosmetics of your choice

* Use Viss IPL + Viss RF combination 2-3 times a week.

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38 reviews for Perfect Skin Package for Veins and spot removal & Skin tightening

  1. mads viuff

    Extremely happy with fast delivery and amazing packing..

  2. Young K. (verified owner)

    It is so awesome product you can enjoy with low cost any time.
    My skin got smother and clean!!
    I love this. Thanks!

  3. Efrain (verified owner)

    I purchased the IPL and RF combination rejuvenation package. I saw results with the EF after two weeks my neck and face were firmer and tighter. The IPL I tried that on the face neck and other areas. it did nothing for little red veins or cleared the skin in fact it made some areas worse. Melasma became darker than it was so I have returned the machine. So 5 stars for the EF none for the IPL.

    • admin (store manager)

      Efrain. Thanks for your review!! IPL makes the spots or melasma darker at first and you can see they are getting lighter slowly. This is the way how IPL works on Melasma.

  4. Anne L. (verified owner)

    really love these machines, I have another RF and no way did it give me the results I wanted

  5. Araam Han (verified owner)

    It’s still a little too early to tell if the machine works on eliminating veins and sunspots. It definitely works in killing off any acne, so that’s an absolute plus side. I will have to try it for another month or two to see if it really does eliminate skin imperfections as the product description promises.

  6. Margaret Lee (verified owner)

  7. Demetrius N. (verified owner)

    Easy to use

  8. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Machine actually is very helpful but I’ve done lasers before therefore I don’t see any results. Also it’s a bit time consuming because every time there’s a 3 second timer. If the joules can be higher I would definitely reconsider

  9. Khristine (verified owner)

    I have been very pleased with the results. Have been using for about 3 weeks now and have noticed a visible improvement in my complexion. I had slight bags under my eyes, the massager really improved those as well.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Erythema, telengectasia and solar lentigenes reduced.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. Ronald Onodera (verified owner)

    Would have given 5 stars, but I have only been using for a month. I have seen good results so far. The instructions are very good. Thank you

  13. JAZZ

    I have been using it for a while and I can see the difference, skin is tighter and freckles are lighter but like any other product you need to be patience in order to work.

  14. Joyce (store manager)

    Worth The Cost
    I’m a mid 50s female and I’ve been using it for 1.5 months and I can already see a difference in sun damage and age spots. My skin also feels smooth, tighter and less saggy.

  15. Andrew (store manager)

    Seen results with the first use! firmer around jowls and improved fine lines and wrinkles definitely. Very pleased with my purchase.

  16. Elda (store manager)

    I thought This machine was just another one that would mostly likely end up in my closet but the first try I saw amazing results on my skin and then I decided to try it again 5 days later and I can tell you it is worth the money that you pay for it , the only thing is I wish they would give you two lasers instead of one for the prize!! Still is very interesting the results!!! Definitely worth the prize!!!

  17. Tali (store manager)

    Used 2 Months
    I’m sharing these with my mum. Been loving RF moisturising and massaging effect. Haven’t seen much results with IPL myself, but my mum has. I might as well give it to her or get a hair removal cartridge for myself.

  18. Simone (store manager)

    Works On Freckles
    I have light freckles all around my face and neck and these systems really work !!! Also, I have noticed that they lift sagging skin on my jaw and make it smooth and moisturized….used for 3 weeks and it’s definitely worth of money !!!

  19. Tania Vidal (store manager)

    I can not attach my after pictures in this review.
    I really like them and they both gave me good results. I had light freckles all around my face and dry skin. Those freckles are getting better and This RF wand makes my skin moisturized and skin texture is getting better too. Thanks. PS : I left a reveiw. How can I get USD10 coupon for it? I need to order a cream for my RF wand.

  20. Isabelle (store manager)

    I went to salon for 3 years and got treatments using IPL, Radio Frequency massage, Ultrasound care and other things. So I just bought these systems to treat at home. they are just same as the treatments that I got at salon. It’s good to save money and money. I wrote this review and hope I get USD10 refund soon. Thanks

    • 관리자 (store manager)

      Please send me your email address and order No to support@vissbeauty.com. We will refund you USD10 immediately.

  21. April (store manager)

    Easy to use with visible effect from the very beginning. I will recommend this set to my friends:) and I use the VISS IPL hair removal product and I love it. I hated shaving my legs and waxing hurt so much and the hair always grows back! Now I have a permanent hair removal product that works! And best of all I can do it myself in my own home. I love it thanks!

  22. dimelza.chaaban (store manager)

    I have been using VISS IPL hair removal for over 9 years now. Cant be happier and grateful to get to know this product. Such a great investiment. My body is hairless now and i do maintain it from time to time. Super easy to use and effective machine at the comfort of my home. I always recomended for family and friends.
    I am purchasing now the new VISS RF. I just trust that it will amaze me as the VISS IPL did.
    Will definetly post my review about the VISS RF afyer recieving the machine and completing the 6 weeks program.

  23. Abdullah (store manager)

    Happy with results thus far. Product was shipped to Dubai, arrived in good condition. I started using it on my chest and arms, and have been seeing the hair diminish. I wish the lamps were a bit less expensive. And RF device shows great results and easy to use. Best customer care ever.

  24. Jasmine (store manager)

    I’ve owned this older model for 2 years, it is working very well. The hair removal lamp lasts very long. I’m very happy with the product. Also RF product is good product and easy to hold:)

  25. Mike (store manager)

    I have had my RF unit now for about 2 weeks and i love the results, i have some deep creases on my forehead and after a treatment my lines are visibly less. The device is easy to use and operate, i am hoping someday for a rechargeable version. I am buying one for my mom.

  26. Annette R. (store manager)

    I’ll definitely recommend VISS for three reasons: it works, it’s convenient and it’s much more cost-effective than any of the other hair removal products I’ve tried. I’m half way to smooth skin and I couldn’t be happier! Also I really like this RF product. I also like the company as my product was delivered in a nice box and safely in fact. I would purchase another product from this supplier 🙂

  27. Joanna (store manager)

    I received my VISS RF in a matter of days after ordering it. I have had it now for about 2 weeks and i love the results. After a treatment some deep forehead lines are visibly reduce and my laugh lines are GONE. I will be buying another for my mom. Very pleased.

  28. Lucy (store manager)

    I just received my VISS RF and I’m absolutely happy with it! My skin looks soooo better even after only a couple of treatments, I can’t wait to see what more it can do for me! 5 stars for me.
    And the IPL is an awesome machine and I couldn’t be happier of my purchase!

  29. schwabbie (store manager)

    I have been using for a couple of months now and I think I see some small improvements to my skin. Seems like sun spots are lightening some and maybe a little tightening of the skin in some places. I will continue with my review in following months. Still love the hair removal though.

  30. Jikky (store manager)

    I have been using VISS IPL for many years. I first bought it for hair removal, which I found the IPL machine works well on dark hairs if u use it regulary for a few months. After that the hair comes in slower and finer. Now I am using it every couple of months to keep the hair in check. I have found that the VISS IPL machine is very easy to use and works well for my dark brown hair type. After I got the perfect result on my hair I just move on to the Skin Rejuvenation cartridge lamp and the result was really good. It does not hurt, also there is no redness after the procedure. My skin looks smoother and started to reduce my pores from the first time of use. Moreover, my acne scars, little freckles on my check bone seem fade out when I keep using it twice a month. I am really impressed with the results and can not stop use it.

  31. Cathy Johnson (store manager)

    I got this great white machine less than two months ago. I have used the hair removal three times on my legs and the hair is thinner and less of ot already. I have only used it under my arms twice because it took awhile before the hair to dtart growing back. The hair is less already. I also have the skin rejuvenation attachment and have used it three times as well. My freckels are so much lighter. I think they will almost disappear soon. I did not notice any change after just one use. I wil be zapping the freckles/ age spots on my arms soon. I am loving my little priceless diamond!! And I love RF for deeper penetration of my eye creams and serums.

  32. Enxhi Amor (store manager)

    Hello, I am very very happy with this product as have saved my life from shaving every 2 days lol. Also my friends are really happy to see the results on me and they are so looking forward to buy their own product. I am so thankful for this magical product that is just amazing and working amazing on me. Thank you :)))))))))))))))))

  33. Ebba (store manager)

    I used two other IPL machines, however, this one is the best so far. No pain with great, quick result. And RF device is soooo good! I always take it with me when I travel as well – skin feels great and I also got a brighter complexion. 5 stars :)))

  34. A.B. (store manager)

    I bought the Viss IPL in 2017 and love it. It is not painful at all compared to the T**a that I actually bought before the Viss which was a waste of time and money. That machine (T**a) was so, so PAINFUL, but NOT the Viss!!). I wish I had known about the Viss before! I would recommend this machine to anyone. It has greatly reduced the amount of hair on my legs even though I have not used it consistently as indicated. It is very easy to use and very convenient to use at home. I like that it cover a large area at a time. One of the great things is the replaceable cartridges as well as the different types of cartridges available.

  35. Cathie Kobsa (store manager)

    I ordered the Viss RF device a month ago and thought it was not working. After contacting the company I found out I was not using it right… Since then I love the tool and how it makes my skin feel. I use it to exfoliate and before my serum. The tool is easy to hold and well made, you feel it working on your skin and it is easy to clean and store.
    I love my skin after I use the Viss RF and IPL.

  36. Yim Choo Lim (store manager)

    after only 2 times of using the machine, I saw a big different in hair growth. I have 90% less hair now. Also RF product is pretty good. It would be perfect if it is cordless.

  37. Jerri Grossen (store manager)

    I have tried the silk’n and the VISS and I would definitely recommend the VISS over the ripoff silk’n, because the lamps don’t last even as long as the 750 flashes that they claim. And I’m loving RF! My skin looks and feels better after just a few uses.

  38. rasha (store manager)

    bought, what is now called, the “old” system about 5 years ago due to having extremely hairy legs, and having trouble with ingrown hairs. I tried lots of different things to rid the ingrowns, but didn’t have results until I started using the IPL. I used it once every 2 weeks for the first 3 months, and then once a month for then next 6 months, at the beginning, and saw less and less hair all the time. The hair that comes back in that time frame is so thin and soft. After that, it just needs to be done for upkeep – once a year approx. It is a small surface area that it covers, so it is a little time consuming, but the results are awesome! I still say it’s one of the best investments I’ve made.