Viss IPL at home Skin Rejuvenation Lamp Cartridge

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Viss Beauty’s IPL Acne Treatment Lamp Cartridge brings clinical acne treatment into your home by turning your Viss IPL system into a skin photorejuvenation system! The specific spectrum of light emitted by the IPL Acne Treatment Lamp kills bacteria on and just beneath the skin while also being absorbed by blood vessels and pigmented areas of the skin, the net result of which is the clearing up of blemishes and acne.


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Skin photorejuvenation and fotofacials have come from the spa to your home with the Viss IPL Skin Rejuvenation Lamp Cartridge! IPL photorejuvenation is the least invasive beauty procedure for treating rosacea, sun damage, age spots, mild wrinkling and vascular/pigmented lesions .The treatments also stimulate new collagen production beneath the skin surface, which remodels the collagen, firms the skin and shrinks pores.

The secret of Viss IPL is in our filter technology that delivers optimally filtered wavelengths of pulsed light for outstanding results. The best part is that professional treatments in your home are now just a simple as point and click away!

Experience the full spectrum of IPL Home Beauty with Viss today!

One of the many advantages of the Viss IPL At Home Beauty System is that you can change out the disposable lamp cartridges based on your needs. Rather than having to switch between multiple devices that cost hundreds of dollars each for your home beauty routine, you can simply change the lamp cartridge on your Viss IPL System saving you time, hassle, and money!

IMPORTANT: The VISS Skin Rejuvenation Lamp can be used with only VISS Advanced silver IPL System. If you purchased Viss IPL system ( white version ) before 2013, please email to to check this upgraded cartridge can be fit into your system.

*If your VISS IPL is free voltage system, you can use upgraded cartridge.

Technical Specification

  • Lamp Lifetime     Low Level : 30,000 flashes

  •            Middle Level : 15,000 flashes

  •             High Level : 8,000 flashes

  • Light Spectrum    550~900nm

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