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Viss Hair – Scalp and Hair loss treatment system


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Viss Hair

If you are dealing with hair loss, then scalp management should be your first concern.

The scalp is also skin. If you do not manage properly, aging will proceed like a face.

Stimulated from the outside environment, the scalp becomes sensitive and reddened, the hair follicles stretch and the stratum corneum
thickens as the skin becomes less elastic.

It is natural that healthy hair grows in healthy scalp … Make your aged scalp healthy and elastic to prevent hair loss and make hair grow

Features of Viss Hair Device

  • 1 Mhz Radio Frequency : It generates deep heat on scalp.
  • 700nm LED : It soothes scalp
  • Spring acupressure leads : They allow to massage the curved scalp evenly and deliver radio frequency energy
  • The presence of supreme quality titanium head : The titanium head reduces any occurrence of irritation which might cause skin troubles.
  • Auto On- Off Funtion : When leads are properly touched, LED and vibration funtions start automatically.
  • Wireless rechargeable system : only requires USB port.

Viss Hair : Self- Treatment Device Which Automatically Senses The Scalp:

The scalp has to be healthy for a healthy hair growth.

Apply Ionto T scalp serum on the scalp and massage with VISS Hair. it does massage the scalp effectively with its vibration. Furthermore, it soothes the scalp with the 700nm LED. with warm sensation.

VISS hair helps to penetrate the serum deeper into your skin and enhanced by the Radio Frequency improves the scalp micro-circulation, helping your hair to grow stronger and promoting new hair growth. Also, it produces 1MHz high frequency which kills any bacterias or other foreign bodies on the scalp preventing infections.

This rechargeable wireless device is easy to use and control anywhere and at anytime. It’s provided of a cover cap for a hygienic storage of the device after usage.

What to expect ?

[1st Month] It stops hair falling off and reduces itching and dandruff. No Visible results on hair.

[2nd Month] The hair roots gets thicker and stronger. No special visible results on hair.

[3nd Month] Hair starts to regrow and existing hair grows healthier. Visible results start to be seen on hair.

Ideal treatment cycle :

At least 10 minutes every day for 3 months to see the visible results and recommend to continue to treat 6 months to get full results. After 6 months treatment, it can be treated once or twice a week with Viss Hair device and scalp serum. Need to use all these 3 items together to get the best results.


3 Months



3 Months





3 Months


Not recommended for

1. Whose follicles have closed or disappeared.
2. Who are in their sixties or older : results can be subtle.
3. Who are pregnant.
4. Who have had any surgery on the head.

* This is general guideline. Results may vary based on scalp and hair types.

How to use

Washing hair with a shampoo bar and rinse it out.

Spray scalp serum on scalp that you want to treat

Activate Viss Hair device on the area that you sprayed scalp serum. When it works properly, you can feel vibration and warm sensation automatically.

Press gently for 2-3 seconds on desired area and repeat it around the entire scalp. Do not let it on the same spot for too long. It can be too hot.

Please do as instructed for at least 10 minutes every day with Viss Hair device and Serum after wash hair with Viss Shampoo Bar. Visible results will be shown after 3 months and Full results will be shown after 6 months.

Patents and Certificates

Product Name
Model No.
Energy Output
Very Low: 1W
Low: 3W
High: 6W
Very High: 8W
Product Weight
Product Dimension
274x53x29 mm
Country of Manufacture
Manufactured by

Patents and Certificates

Patented in USA, Patented in Korea, FC, CE, ROHS, KC certified, Design registered,