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Best Hair Growth Device – Hair loss treatment and Hair regrowth Viss Triple Package

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VISS Hair Triple pack, the best hair growth device offers an ultimate solution for hair loss
as well as scalp treatment. Enjoy a healthy life with healthy hair.

Best Laser Hair Growth Device

VISS HAIR, the first component of the best hair growth device triple pack,
helps hair regrow and prevents hair loss by generating
1Mhz High Frequency
and stimulating blood circulation in the scalp.

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Shampoo Bar, the second component, is a patented safe product free

from silicone and surfactant. Designed based on oriental medicine,

and with fluffy foam, it will improve scalp health.

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Ionized nutrients from different oriental herbs make up the

third component of the triple pack, easily absorbing Serum.

The serum will fully complete scalp treatment after those

two parts of the treatment.

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What to expect ?

[1st Month]
It stops hair falling off and reduces itching and dandruff

[2nd Month]
The hair roots get thicker and stronger.

[3rd Month]
Hair starts to regrow and existing hair grows healthier.
Ideal treatment cycle: At least 10 minutes every day for 6 months to get full results and once or twice a week after 6 months.
You have to use all of these 3 items together to get the best results.

Not recommended for the one

1. whose follicles have closed or disappeared.
2. who are in their sixties or older: results can be subtle.
3. who are pregnant.
4. who have had any surgery on the head.



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Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by Larry on
Great combination

I've been using these for 2 months now. I can see some hairs slowly coming out. The machine is handy and easy to use!

by Geno Velasco on
A very promising device

I have been a fan of Viss for the past 6 years ever since I first used their IPL machine and their RF.

Even with doubts that this device would work, I have banked on the results I got from their IPL machine which I could confidently say made my body hair 98% less. And from the complements I get from regularly using Viss RF which definitely proves that Narian’s devices work.

After placing my order, I was impressed with how fast my order reached me. In just 2 days, my package travelled from Korea to the UAE. All the more, I was pleasantly surprised to get some add-ons that I totally did not expect - thank you VISS!

The device is very ergonomic and light. Fast to charge and super easy to use. The hair serum is so lightweight and leaves a very refreshing clean feel! When used together, Viss gives off a very relaxing experience. You can feel the gentle vibration and a little heat which made me know that the device is working its RF magic just like their facial RF.

I am looking forward to a very positive result from another astonishing machine from Narian. Although their machines are quite expensive, seems tedious, time consuming to use and all; trust me, with dedication and commitment - VISS DEVICES WORK!

Thank you for your valuable review. We have issued $10 refund from your purchase.