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For powerful professional beauty devices at home IPL hair removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, IPL Acne treatment, look no further than the Viss Advanced IPL System! Viss brings clinical hair removal and skin care to you with our patented IPL home beauty system. Boasting a massive 25 joules of power, this is one of the most powerful at home IPL devices on the market.

Lasting twice as long as older models, our lamps will last up to 30,000 flashes. Why spend and suffer more with expensive clinical laser and electrolysis treatments when you can shop Viss today!

●Viss IPL Advanced system Features ●

[1] 3 functions by changing 3 different cartridges in one system

[2] Cartridges can be replaced after their lifespan is over.

* How do I know if the cartridge needs to be replaced? The cartridge glass gets too hot and it causes pain/discomfort when the life of cartridge is done. You need to replace the cartridge for better results and safety.

[3] Mirror Reflection Coating Technology

The reflector plate reflects the IPL generated from the xenon lamp. It uses patented surface coating technology to reduce irritation through effective IPL reflection.

[4] Large treatment area and fast Treatment Time

Treat up to 220 hairs every 3.5 seconds
VISS IPL has a large 6cm2 (3cm x 2cm) treatment lamp (much larger than a laser) with a light pulse interval of just 3.5 seconds, targeting up to 220 hairs! No batteries to charge means no downtime between usage.
Other home care IPL products provides less than 1cm x 1cm treatment area on each shot. If you want to save time and get a better result, choose Viss IPL.

[5] Long lasting flash

  • Low level (1-3) : 30,000 Flashes , 16-19 Jules
  • Middle Level(4-6) : 15,000 flashes, 20-22 Jules
  • High Level(7-8) : 8,000 flashes, 23-25 Jules

VISS IPL comes equipped with a powerful lamp cartridge that has a lifetime of up to 30,000 flashes giving you more than enough lamp life to treat your entire body. Replacement cartridges are readily available anywhere on line.

[6] Skin Sensor function

Viss IPL will flash only when the metal sensor of cartridge is firmly in contact with the skin.
Viss IPL is designed to flash on skin only for safety.

* Recommended Light Intensities *

?What to expect from Hair removal treatment?

<1 month>
  • Treat the desired area twice a week.
  • You will begin to see visible results within one month of regular treatment.
  • You will notice some hair reduction and the regrowth will be lighter in colour and finer.
<2-3 months>
  • Scheduled treatments every 2 weeks
  • You will begin to see a great reduction in the amount of regrowth, especially in areas where the hair growth tends to be denser.
<4th month onward>
  • Scheduled treatments once or twice a month
  • A progressive hair reduction will continue and you will see dramatic results and a slight regrowth.
  • The number of sessions needed depends on each person and his/ her wishes.

— After the treatment please hydrate your skin with a skin care product of choice.

Real Results

VISS IPL achieves great results! All photos taken 1 Month after last treatment:

* Important notice for IPL treatment *


  • Hair removal: clean the treatment area and shave the hair first accurately; no hair should be left cause the IPL will burn it causing pain and skin troubles. You don’t need to apply IPL gel for Hair removal.
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Acne treatment : clean and clear the treatment area from any skin care or cosmetic products; you may apply the VISS IPL Laser Skin rejuvenation Pre-treatment Conductive Gel which comes along with Viss IPL skin rejuvenation system. As an IPL beginner, you may apply the gel at first treatment to prevent any problems. If you have very sensitive skin, you should apply conductive gel before treatment. But when you get used to IPL system, you don’t need to apply any gel. After the treatment is done, wash away the gel applied.

2 : There are eight available light intensities to suit your personal needs.

  • A higher level (up to 8) gives the best result if suitable for your skin type, but we recommend to start with a lower level to test your skin sensitivity. Remember, each skin is different.

3 : Place the applicator on the desired area making sure the metal sensor is pressed firmly against the skin. The device will not flash unless firmly in touch with skin.

4 : Press the button after the ‘beep’ sound and take off the applicator from the skin after every shot. If you don’t take off the applicator from skin shot by shot, your skin might get burnt or causing discomfort/pain.

5 : Moisturize your skin after any IPL treatments. IPL usually dries skin. Always put some lotion to moist your skin after an IPL treatment.

6 : Do not expose your treated skin area to the sun. You might get burn marks if you expose your treated area under the sun with 24 hours following the treatment.

* How to use Viss IPL *

Product Includes:

  • VISS Advanced IPL Device
  • Hair Removal Lamp Cartridge
  • AC Power Adapter Cable
  • Pair of IPL Safety Glasses (Black)

Technical Specification

  • Name          VISS Advanced IPL

  • Model No.         PL-1000

  • Current           AC (Free Voltage)

  • Energy Density      25 Joules

  • Frequency        50-60Hz

  • Product Weight      1.3Kg

  • Product Size       196 x 138 x 178 mm

  • Lamp Lifetime       Low Level : 30,000 flashes

  •               Middle Level : 15,000 flashes

  •               High Level : 8,000 flashes

  • Light Spectrum        Hair removal lamp : 640~900nm

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