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Skin Scrubber & Blackhead Removal Device – VissBeauty


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Viss ultra sonic skin scrubber & blackhead removal device utilizes 280,000 micro-vibrations per second to remove 99% of impurities on your skin. Viss Sonic provides a special nose function which effectively clear out blackheads, whiteheads. It also helps skincare products penetrate into skin through Iontophoresis function.


Double Ultrasound Chips
Stronger X2
Skin Scrubber

Make up doesn't sit well on face.

Exfoliate the skin twice a week with Viss sonic function and drive serums or creams deep into the layers of your skin with Viss Ionto Function. This improves the hydration levels of and blood circulation to your face.

My face becomes so oily and looks greasy.

Exfoliate Sebums which clogging pores by Viss Sonic function and manage  large or obvious pores regularly.

There are sebum on my nose and chin.

Soak your face for 2-3 min and wash it out with cleanser. Then exfoliate the skin with Viss sonic function. It needs to be done 2-3 times a week.

Blackheads and whiteheads are getting wrose.

Do not squeeze or pop your blackheads. Soak your face for 2-3 min and wash it out with cleanser. Then exfoliate the skin with Viss sonic function and try to shrink enlarged pores.

What does it do?

Skin Exfoliation Mode

Dead skin cells and wastes can be removed
only with water left after washing the face.


Nose exfoliation mode

Narrow areas like the nose bridge can be treated
with the short cycle vibrations of the nose
ultrasonic mode


Iontophoresis mode

Active ingredients are more effectively
absorbed into skin with ionization.


How does it work?

1. Professional strength ultrasonic skin scrubber

Ultrasonic skin spatulas (or ultrasonic skin scrubbers) has been a popular facial device in day spas and salons for decades. Viss sonic is designed to ensure the professional strength for home use. Enjoy ultra clean and smooth skin with powerful vibrations.

2. Gentle on sensitive skin

It basically scrubs out impurities from the pores as you are using water or a hydrating toner with the spatula. Viss Sonic exfoliates the skin gently by ultrasonic vibrations without aggressively brushing or peeling it. It can be a wonderful alternative to skin-cleansing tools or other chemical peeling products.

3. Special wave for nose exfoliating

Viss Sonic provides different wave for nose care. This Short ultrasonic wave allows to take care of blackheads and whiteheads on nose area. Just extract the gunk from your pores and will give you nice and clean feeling.

4. Effective on skin absorption

Skin care products are filled with expensive and effective ingredients that promote optimum health for your skin. Viss Ionto function makes your favorite skin care products penetrate more deeply into the surface for maximum effectiveness.

Technical Specification

Product Name
Model No.
Energy Output
Charging Time (Usage Time)
2 hours (30 minutes)
Product Weight
Product Size
178x53x29 mm
Country of Origin
South Korea
Manufactured by NARIAN Co. Ltd

How to use

On- Off power Button : Press the button to turn it on. To turn off, press the button for 3 seconds. It automatically turns off if the machine is not used for one min.

Exfoliation button for face : Press the button once to operate exfoliation setting for face and other skin parts.

Exfoliation button for Nose : Press the button twice to operate exfoliation setting for nose.

Nourishment button : Press once to infuse nutrients deeply into the skin through Iontophoresis function.

Lifting button : Press 2 buttons and it allow lifting effect through ultrasound and Iontophoreis functions.

Keep your skin moist after washing it

Exfoliate your skin for 1-2 minutes with selecting Sonic button

Press Sonic button twice to enable Nose exfoliation setting

After washing the face, apply serum or cream of your choice

Make sure to hold the silver ground plates on the body. It won’t work properly if you don’t hold the plates

Massage the face with the spatula part of the device to penetrate nutrients into your skin

<Important> Check this out !!

It needs to be in touch with an hand on the silver plates of the device.
If not, it will turn off in one min due to auto-off function.
If not, nutrition function can not be activated without touching the plates.

Recharging Information

-.Charge the device fully for the best results.
– It will work for 30 min with 2 hours charging.
– When it is being charged, all 3 button light will be on sequentially.
– When it’s fully charged, all the buttons will be off automatically.
– Do not use while it is being charged.


– Do not disassemble the device
– Keep in a dry place. It is not water-proof.
– Keep away from children
– Do not use it where the temperature is too high such as a sauna


– Children under age 14
– If you have a skin disease such as active skin cancer, if you have a history of skin cancer or any other localized cancer in the areas to be treated.
– If your skin is sensitive to electric heat and easily develops a rash or an allergic reaction
– If you have a pacemaker, or any other kind of implanted electronic medical device
– Over or near anything artificial like silicon implants, Implanon contraceptive implants, pacemakers, subcutaneous injection ports (insulin dispenser) or piercings
– If you are pregnant


1. What is an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber?

Also, popularly known as ultrasonic spatula, it is one of the latest advancements in beauty exfoliation. It helps users to get regenerated skin, which adds more beauty to their looks. Ultrasonic skin scrubber has created a huge craze among beauty lovers and is being widely used in spas, at home, and also at most of the salons.

Ultrasonic skin scrubber possesses around 30,000 Hz vibrations, which basically helps the users to “jiggles” out impurities from their skin and also from each skin pores. This advanced scrubber efficiently exfoliates the surface of your skin. Ultrasonic skin scrubber is designed effectively to make your skincare serums penetrate more deeply in your skin for maximum effectiveness and absorption. With consistent usage of this advanced beauty solution, you can easily get younger and fairer looking skin in a short time.

2. How To Use Skin Scrubber?

Make sure to charge your skin scrubber before its use for a better result, once it is charged, you can make use of it to regenerate your skin. Explore to know how you can make use of skin scrubber by Viss.

  • Skin Exfoliation Mode: Push the power button once you are ready to leverage the use of a skin scrubber, make sure to use it before 3 minutes after turning it on else it will automatically switch to off mode. Apply your favorite serum before making use of skin scrubber on your skin, after applying the moisturizing your skin holds the scrubber with the spatula blade angled down. Once your skin is moisturized, gently glide the edge of the device along the skin’s surface you want to treat.
  • Nose Exfoliation Mode: Skin scrubber by Viss has made it quite easier for the users to treat narrow areas of their face such as nose bridge. They just have to switch to ultrasonic mode to shorten the vibration cycle. They can use it in a similar way as they used it to treat their skin, the difference with nose exfoliation mode is the vibration as this area is very narrow and sensitive, we have integrated this mode so that users can leverage much better results after the use of skin scrubber.

3. Skin Scrubber Benefits?

Ultrasonic skin scrubbers have become one of the most popular facial devices among the users, spas, and salons during the last few years. It offers numerous benefits to the user’s skin and helps them to get much younger-looking skin in no time. Some of the benefits which users can leverage after opting the use of skin scrubber are as follows:

  • It makes your skin much healthier.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Treats patch marks and acne very effectively.
  • Removes dirt from skin pores.
  • Removes dead and dry skin
  • It provides a smooth complexion to your skin.
  • Help in getting rid of blackheads, fine lines, pimples, and wrinkles.
  • Due to its portability, users can make use of it as per their convenience.

There are many other benefits that users can leverage when they opt for ultrasonic skin scrubber. They can use it on a regular basis as it causes no harm or damage to their skin, considering using it regularly can help them to get gorgeous looking skin.

4. At Home Skin Scrubber Device and Skin Scrubber Treatment Price Salon?

Skin scrubber is very popular and helps you to grasp smoother skin. It removes dry and dead cells from your skin and helps you look younger and gorgeous, thus it can prove to be more beneficial for you to opt for at home skin scrubber devices, you can make use of this advanced device anytime and anywhere.

Skin Scrubber sends ultrasonic waves that help in removing clogged pores and exfoliate users’ skin by helping them to remove dead skin cells without any painful treatment. Now beauty lovers can leverage the benefit of skin scrubber treatment at their personal space, at an affordable price. Viss offers advanced skin scrubber at a very negligible price, you can get your own device by investing just $89.6 on it and can get younger looking and beautiful skin.

5. Is Skin Scrubber Good?

Yes, skin scrubber is good for use. Moreover, make sure to take the advice of beauty experts before making its use on your skin, also know which type of skin do you have and whether the skin scrubber use is an effective choice for your skin.

6. Which is the Best Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber?

Beauty lovers are highly recommended to use ultrasonic skin scrubber by Viss. Our skin scrubber possesses an end number of benefits for your skin and helps you get younger-looking without making much more effort. It purifies your skin by removing dead cells, excessed oil, and dirt, deeply from your skin pores.

Our experts have crafted the device, keeping in mind the requirement of beauty lovers, they have assured that this advanced device will help users in getting rid of pimples and blackheads. It also helps to treat acne scars, restoring skin elasticity, lightening the skin, and smooth out wrinkles, which makes you look younger and attractive.

7. Do Face Scrubber Work?

Yes, it works effectively. Face scrubber makes use of advanced ultrasound technology to exfoliate your skin gently. It also helps in getting rid of skin impurities and dead skin, this helps you to improve your glow and look more gorgeous. Viss has launched advanced devices keeping in mind the need of beauty lovers, this device makes use of powerful ultrasonic pulses to remove impurities from the skin and regenerate it more efferently.

8. What Does Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Do?

The epidermis (human skin’s outermost layer) consists of dead skin cells that collect a huge amount of debris, dirt, oil, and many other impurities that are harmful to the skin. Thus it becomes important for all of us to remove these impurities from our skin, and how can we do that? By making use of ultrasonic skin scrubber by Viss. Move the skin scrubber along the area you want to treat, the light pulses will penetrate your skin gently and will remove all the impurities from your skin deeply.

The vibrations of skin scrubber get deeper into your skin pores and remove blackheads, debris, dead skin cells, oil, and many other impurities from your skin. This results in leaving you with a smoother, clean, and radiant face. This advanced scrubber comes with two modes that are for regular skin and sensitive skin. The regular mode allows you to customize the spatulas pulses, it is very helpful when it comes to exfoliating dead cells and debris, this provides you with gently and younger-looking skin.

9. How do I use the Sonic II?

Scrubber Mode — Wash your face with the cleanser you would normally use. Press “SONIC” button once or twice, the latter being more powerful, to begin scrubber mode. Wet each section of the face with water or facial mist. Hold the spatula on a 45-degree angle on your face and glide across your skin. Press the button twice for your nose or where you would normally have blackheads or whiteheads.

Infusion Mode — Apply your serum or moisturizer without rubbing it in. Press “ION” button to activate infusion mode. Flip the spatula. The power button should
face the skin being treated. Hold the spatula on a 20-degree angle on your face and glide the spatula all over the skin and for lifti ng mode, preferably press “SONIC”
button again to let the ultrasonic vibrations drive the serum deep in your skin.

10. How long should I initially charge the spatula?

Charge the Sonic II for 2 hours initially. This should worth about 30-minute use. During charging, the light of three buttons wi ll be on and off in turns and will have all of the three lights on when fully charged.

11. How do I clean the spatula?

Make sure not to submerge the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber in water to prevent damaging the unit. Use a damp cloth to wipe the bl ade.

12. How many vibrations per second does this provide?

The Viss Sonic II creates 28K vibrations per second.

13. Does this have a cap to cover the head?

Yes, it does come with a cap for the head.

14. What kind of adapter does it come with?

It only comes with a USB cable.

15. What country is this made in?

It is made in South Korea.

16. Does the head need to be replaced with time?

No, the spatula head is reusable. Just make sure to clean the head before and after use.

17. Can it be used at 22V AC?

Yes. You can charge it with the provided USB wire, connect with a laptop, wall charge, or power bank.

18. Can the Viss Sonic II be used on multiple people?

Yes, it can. But we suggest not. Like a tooth brush, different people can share the same one but normally don’t.

19. Does this remove facial hair?

No, only blackheads and whiteheads.

20. Is it waterproof?

The body of the machine is not waterproof, so please submerging it.

21. Can I use it while connected to USB cable for charging?

The Viss Sonic II cannot be used when charging.

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It made my face really red and didn’t really clean my pores.


This Really Works!! It came fully charged and I tried it just out of a hot shower. It removed dead skin cells and cleaned out the pores. I am definitely happy with my purchase and would recommend it!


Scrubber I've used many things to clean out my pores and this is by far the best.


Cool My skin feels smooth. Easy to remove flakes and black heads.


Strong I am an aesthetician. i have been using IPL at my spa and It's been working great !! So I decided to try this skin scrubber to my clients. Very strong. I have other skin scrubbers. But it's the best. I knew it.