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Herbal Shampoo Bar, Solid Organic Soap Bar For Hair Loss...


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It is specially designed Herbal Shampoo Bar bar for scalp and hair roots with 100% natural ingredients and has no trace of any chemical components. use Solid Organic Shampoo Soap Bar for health scalp and roots.


Solid Organic Shampoo Soap Bar( Patent No : USA – US8.802.163.B2 KOREA – 제10-1128299호 )

Modam Solid Organic Shampoo Soap Bar is designed for your scalp and hair roots. It will prevent hair loss and take care of your scalp.

It can be also used on face and body. The Modam Herbal Shampoo Bar has been designed after years of research and using only natural ingredients. It poses absolutely no threat to the human skin. This patented product is free from silicone and surfactant and is manufactured using oriental medicines. It outperforms any shampoo with fluffy bubbles.


– Shampoo Bar for hair and scalp cleansing
– 100% natural, highly concentrated oriental medicinal herbs
– Patented fermented and ripening technology
– Preventing hair loss and Regrowing hair
– Scalp trouble care such as dandruff, itchiness
– Enhancement of scalp health
– Patented for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth in South Korea
– Patented Manufacturing techniques for hair loss treatment and hair thickening in the USA

 1. Is it a shampoo bar containing a surfactant?

Shampoos using chemical surfactants are fatal to hair loss. It contains 100% natural ingredients that do not contain sulfates, parabens, silicones, pigments, and so on.

2. Is the product approved by the official agency?

If you use a shampoo that does not fit your scalp or contains bad ingredients, it may cause itching, dandruff, and so on. If the fine dust that clogs the scalp pores sticks to the scalp and hair, it can block the scalp pores and cause hair loss. The Viss shampoo bar is patented in the US and Korea.

Patented for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth in South Korea Patented Manufacturing Techniques for Hair loss treatment and hair thickening in USA

3.Is skin-friendly Herbal shampoo bar?

Yes. You can be used Herbal Shampoo Bar for face and body too. It is PH5.5 which is the most similar acidity to skin without any chemical ingredients at all. It protects the scalp and hair from external harmful substances and stresses and strengthens the scalp, helping to make healthy and elastic hair.

Lotus Root, Lotus Leaf, Ginseng, Vitamin Tree, Persimmon leaf, Thuja, Ginger, Rosemary, Black bean, Black Sesame, Mulberry Leave, Korean Angelica Root, Green tea, Pine needles, Tuber Fleeceflower, Acorus Gramineus, Chameleon Plant, Fennel, Essential Oils ( Lavender, Ylang-ylang, Tea Tree, lemon, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Cedar wood, Carrier Oil ( Coconut, Olive, Ricinus, Rice Bran )

Patents and Certificates

Patented in USA, Patented in Korea, FC, CE, ROHS, KC certified, Design registered,

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  1. Paul (store manager)

    Smells very exotic!