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Galvanic Facial Machine For Eye Zone And Wrinkle Removal – Viss Beauty


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VISS Wrinkle – Galvanic Facial Machine helps to penetrate active ingredients into the skin deeply through hypoallergenic ionization. Apply a thin layer of your beauty product of choice and massage with VISS Home Care Galvanic Facial Device For Wrinkle Removal. Keep your skin moist with VISS Wrinkle!


Galvanic Facial Machine For Home Use

VISS Wrinkle is a beauty device helping active ingredients to penetrate into the skin

What does it do?

Less than 10% of skin product is absorbed when applied with hands

Over five times can get into your skin with Viss Gold Wrinkle!

VISS Wrinkle helps to penetrate active ingredients into the skin deeply through hypoallergenic ionization.
Apply a thin layer of your beauty product of choice and massage with VISS Wrinkle.

VISS Wrinkle enables easy and effective eye care, designed to help oil and moisture of skin products more deeply into the skin and also to massage every corner of eye areas.


Viss previous galvanic model

New Viss Wrinkle

What's Special in Galvanic Facial Machine

1. Galvanic Ionto

What is Galvanic?

Galvanic, also known as Iontophoresis, facilitates intense skin care by ionizing skin product with its microcurrents in which same poles naturally push away from each other, thereby delivering nutrients deeper into the skin.

2. Titanium Gold Head

Using hypoallergenic titanium, Viss Gold Wrinkle distinguishes itself from its counterparts with a poor nickel head.

3. Automatic skin-sensingsystem

Viss Gold Wrinkles do not work on dry skin.

Skin product should be applied when the skin is dry. It automatically senses moisturized skin.

4. Auto Vibration

Small motor, yet powerful vibration

The skin sensing auto-vibration enhances treatments.

5. 700nm LED

700nm LED, which stays on while touching the skin, soothes sensitized skin, improves skin texture, and elasticity.

6. Auto On / Off

To turn on Viss Gold Wrinkle, click on the body plate.

Viss Gold Wrinkle automatically turns off if you do not use it for one minute. You can use Viss Gold Wrinkle over two months with an AAA battery with the auto power-off if you use it 5 minutes a day.

Apply a layer of cream before treatment. Otherwise, it won’t work on dry skin.

Technical Specification

Product Name
Model No.
AAA Size(1.5V)
Product Dimension
Main Device
AAA Size Battery
Package Box
Country of Manufacture
Manufactured by

* VISS RF can be used in the whole world. (Free voltage)

Viss Gold Wrinkle Patent

How to use

Step 1

Open the battery cover and insert
AAA battery with (-) on the inside

Step 2

Place the battery cover and turn it clockwise

Step 3

Push the top sensor to activate the device

Step 4

Once activate the device, you don’t need to press the plate but hold it gently with your hand and place the head of the device on the area you want treat

Step 5

The red LED and the vibration will start automatically

Step 6

It won’t work on a dry skin. Apply a layer of cream brefore treatment

Make the most of Viss Gold Wrinkle

Boost the eye wrinkle treatment and laugh line treatment with an anti-wrinkle cream. With active ingredients getting deeper into the skin, wrinkles can be treated more effectively.

Use Viss Gold Wrinkle for products with big molecules such as vitamin C for a better absorption.


Viss Gold Wrinkle

1. How does the Viss galvanic skin care machine work?

Negative electrons flow from the Treatment Head on a circuit. Your positively charged skin care products are attracted with a magnetic pull and are carried deeper into the skin. When your serums, creams and moisturizers reach the deeper layers of the epidermis they are able to perform better to maximize beauty benefits.

The combination of ionic infusion and vibration working together at the same time helps to transport the beneficial ingredien ts in your skincare products to the deeper layers of the skin. Serums, creams and moisturizers typically settle on the surface of the skin when applied with finger tips . Viss Gold Wrinkle’s enhanced technology carries those products deeper into the skin to maximize benefits.

2. How do I clean the head?

Use a damp cloth or wet tissue to wipe it.

3. How long should each use be for?

Use it for about 5 minutes until the cream or serum is absorbed into the skin.

4. Can I use around upper eye lids?

Yes. Just make sure the cream or serum does not go into your eyes.

5. What kind of batteries does it need?

It uses an AAA battery.

6. Will this help with sagging jaws, and eyelids?

Dry skin is the main cause for wrinkles and saggy skin. Viss Gold Wrinkle will keep your skin moist and prevent saggy skin an d wrinkles when constantly and frequently used.

7. How do you change the battery?

Turn the lid on the bottom of handle clockwise.

8. Does Viss Gold at home facial machine come with a battery?

An AAA battery is included.

9. What’s material of the head?

It is gold titanium plated metal.

10. What is the red LED light for?

You’ll reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish enlarged pores and get the boost of confidence that comes f rom. You will look younger and have a healthier skin. The technology has been used by dermatologists in their offices for over a decade. LED lights work by gently penetrating the skin at various depths to stimulate the skin’s physiology.

11. Is it warm?

Viss Gold Wrinkle does not generate heat.

12. Does it make a noise?

Viss Gold Wrinkle does make a noise because of its vibration.

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Laura L.
Looking Younger

Unbelievable results! Not overnight but with constant pm care you will see results! Just love this beauty tool and the company is fantastic!!! Thank you so much!!


Excellent products excellent service!!! Could not be happier with purchases! Absolutely love that red light pen to reduce under eye wrinkles!!! Amazing!!! Amazing seller so honest even I ordered in error extra product! She took the time to email me to see if It was a mistake!! So trustworthy!


I got my product so quickly I’m impressed. The device is good and been using it every other day. Right now is too soon to notice any changes or improvements on my skin.

Betty O.

I liked the fact that it arrived very quickly but the shipping fees are too high/ expensive.

Thanh N.

Nice product.


Great little machine!!! The cream is wonderful very moisturizing! Just love it! Fantastic customer service too!!


I was searching this product. Finally, I got it and works fine. Thanks

Efrain R.

So easy to fit into my self-care routine. Loving it and the cream too. I also feel like my skin gets a pretty glow when I use it.

Courtney W.

So Cute And Easy To Use Super Easy to use around eye area. no results yet. But It feels good


Nice Nice portable system. Easy and light to travel with. Affordable price. If you are new to viss, I'd recommend you start with viss ipl.


Easy To Use On Eye Areas This wand is good to use around eyes. it vibrates automatically. Use it daily with creams. feel little bit strong on eye areas.

Eftikhar A.

Very Good all items with it i recived it all thank you

Moritz D.

Can't complain. It is simply wonderful!


Great results and easy to use. Best customer care ever.

Carolina a.

It solved my life! Totally Recommended!

Sharlina N.

Absolutely love it. Remarkable results and have been used it three times.


Awesome machine couldn't be happier of my purchase!


Reasonable price!!!!!good product, easy to hold:)