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IPL Acne Treatment Lamp Cartridge


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Viss IPL Acne treatment Cartridge brings clinical acne treatment into your home. The Specific spectrum of light emitted by the IPL acne treatment cartridge kills bacteris on and just beneath the skin. Upgrade your Viss IPL system today with the Acne treatment cartridge !!

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Which Version of the Cartridge do I Need for My Viss IPL?

There is a label on the bottom of the machine. You can check which lamp version is needed for your IPL. If your Viss IPL is not a free voltage, please choose the old version, and if it’s a free voltage, choose an upgraded version. All of White Viss IPL machines need old version cartridges.

Non-Free Voltage – Purchased before 2013
Old Version Cartridge needed

Free Voltage – Purchased after 2013
Upgraded Version Cartridge needed

At Home IPL Acne Treatment Cartridge

Viss at home IPL Acne treatment cartridge kills bacteria beneath the skin and provides beauty lovers with the best result which they have desired to get!! This advance treatment decreases the blood supply to the sebaceous gland, which ultimately results in a reduction of the body oil sebum and improving your look. Users are recommended to leverage IPL Acne treatment for 2 to 3 times per week to experience much better results in the duration of 1 or 2 months. This acne solution can prove to be very beneficial for those people who are suffering from acne as it provides them the best result, which they haven’t imagined before.

What to Expect from Acne treatment?

* This is a standard guideline that every user can consider, but remember that the result of the treatment might vary based on skin type.

2-3 times a week.
– Acne is getting better at the very first treatment.

1-2 times a week.
– Progressive improvements can be different on acne type.
When acne is completely treated, stop using it.

– You don’t need to use acne treatment every week. Just use it when acne shows up.

Most important things to remember during the IPL treatment is

1. to avoid direct contact with the sun at least for 1-2 days, also avoid wearing plenty of sunblocks wherever move-out.
2. to hydrate your skin with high-quality beauty products of choice or consider applying an acne ointment.

* Make sure to take the necessary concern to protect your skin after the treatment.

Viss IPL Acne Treatment Review

The Acne Care IPL Lamp provides users with desired results just after considering a few treatments of it.



*After 4 Weekly Treatments



*After 4 Weekly Treatments


Lamp Lifetime
Low Level : 30,000 flashes
Middle Level : 15,000 flashes
High Level : 8000 flashes
Light Spectrum
Acne Treatment Lamp : 400~700nm
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4 reviews for IPL Acne Treatment Lamp Cartridge

  1. Demetrius N. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the lamps. Starting to see results. With the exception of one of them broke. I’ll have to order another.

  2. Imraan Hassim (verified owner)

    Hi , Ive purchased 25 viss laser machines 3yrs ago . Unfortunately I have 5 of them come back from customers complaining that they not working
    Gave an electronics company to try and assist in repairing , but they cannot purchase the PC boards from U guys . I dont know what todo . Ive replaced the machines to customers . For some i’ve purchased new cartridges and got 2 to work . What do I do with the balance 3
    pls reply to imraan@hasmart.co.za
    my mobile 0027 82 786 2790

    • admin (store manager)

      Hello, Imraan.
      I am sorry to hear what happened to you. Can you send us the serial No for them? it’s located on the bottom of the device. Viss products have 1 year warranty and if it’s out of warranty, you need to pay shipping cost and repairing cost. and let us know what the problems are with other 3 broken units. Since you fixed 2 units with new lamps, we need to know what kind of problems other 3 units have. I will reply to your email to fix your problems. Thanks

  3. Hassel (store manager)

    My acne has gone completely! Totally recommend it!! Thanks viss

  4. Catherine Kenney (store manager)

    Excellent product – I see incredible results and wish I had started using it years ago.