facial hair removal

Facial Hair Removal Device At Home Use

Remove unwanted facial hair with Viss Beauty’s light hair removal machine to save on redundant beauty expenses!

facial hair removal

Light Hair Removal Device

$563.00 – $799.00
Are you tired of bleaching, waxing or threading those unwanted facial hairs? Viss Beauty introduces you to an excellent light hair removal device designed to work on the electric power supply and save your money while you can remove your facial hair at home. This excellent machine introduced by Viss uses the intense pulsed light technology to say goodbye to those unwanted hairs.

Result-providing machine working extensively to support facial hair removal at home. This excellent facial hair removal machine is designed to provide amazing results. It uses IPL hair removal technology to efficiently remove those unwanted hairs. This device supports facial hair removal at home with making use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to remove hairs from the face.

The treatment assures no harm to your face done with presenting zero side-effects if the light hair removal machine is used as per the directions and guidelines suggested. To add on more, the device even slows down the unwanted hair regrowth from other body parts also.

Light Therapy For Facial Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light is a technology developed to use the available light wavelengths that help in burning out the hairs from the roots and provides permanent results as of permanent facial hair removal. The devices are designed to focus on one area at once and with continuous and scheduled sittings, the hair follicles are gradually made weak and they are no more visible on the skin again! Hence, it efficiently stops the hair regrowth from your face providing you a healthier looking skin.

Features Offered by Light Hair Removal Machine By Viss

Works excellently

The machine works on electricity and does not require batteries at all which implies that there is no stopping in-between.

Replaceable Cartridge

This device comes with a replaceable cartridge that can be replaced once its lifespan is over. Therefore, the entire machine is not required to be replaced instead only the cartridge is required.

Skin Sensor

The device only flashes the light when its metal sensor comes in the contact of the skin to save on flashes and also it secures your eyes from the exposure to intense light flashes.

Set Intensity Level

It comes with 1-8 levels which indicates that each level contains a different range of intensities that can be set according to your skin tone and pain bearing.

Faster Results

Requiring lesser but regular sessions for 3-6 months, this machine delivers faster results with providing excellent outputs by stopping hair regrowth significantly.

Covers Larger Area

The cartridge is designed to cover a larger skin area which means you can complete a session faster with the lamp covering a larger area and providing faster effects.

Light Facial Hair Removal System by Viss - Reviews

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