If you have exces­sive or unwanted facial hair that you can’t tol­er­ate and just want to remove as soon as pos­si­ble, then IPL (intense pulsed light) treat­ment is your best option. Intense pulsed light is a method that has been employed by med­ical pro­fes­sion­als and beauty stu­dios alike. It relies on using pre­cise wave­lengths of light in order to reach dif­fer­ent chro­mophores in the skin. Here are four ben­e­fits of using intense pulsed light to zap your facial hair.

IPL for Facial Hair

Efficient Use of Light Where It Needs to Go to IPL for Facial Hair

IPL’s broad-spectrum and intensely cen­tered light gets at the sur­face of the skin via either an artic­u­lated arm or a hand­held wand. This light then moves through your skin until it makes con­tact with the hair shafts or the root/bulb of the hair. This root or bulb is where the major­ity of melanin is found, in com­par­i­son with the rest of the hair shaft. The root/bulb and almost all of the shaft are then vapor­ized as the light gets con­verted into heat energy.

Direct Tar­get­ing of Papilla

A papilla is an anatom­i­cal struc­ture that resem­bles a nip­ple, and it is where hair is pro­duced. The high heat gen­er­ated by IPL treat­ment destroys these papil­lae. In addi­tion, straight­for­ward light-heat trans­for­ma­tion hap­pens within any darker-colored cap­il­lar­ies that send nec­es­sary blood ves­sels to the hair fol­li­cles. This pre­cise tar­get­ing works to destroy unwanted facial hair with greater effec­tive­ness than other treatments.

Bet­ter Deal Than Other Treatments

IPL treat­ment is also a bet­ter deal than other treat­ments that promise to do the same thing. For exam­ple, Alexan­drite laser treat­ment to remove unwanted facial hair is also an option, yet it is much more expen­sive than IPL treat­ment. You will spend approximately 50 percent less money on IPL treat­ments than you would on other types of laser treatment. You are a lot better off going with IPL, sav­ing money and then still zap­ping away any unwanted facial hair. There is really no need to spend extra money on fancier treat­ments when IPL will do just fine.

Rea­son­able Num­ber of Treat­ments Required

Don’t think that the IPL tech­nique guar­an­tees that your unwanted facial hair will dis­ap­pear in just one or two ses­sions or imme­di­ately. The process of IPL facial hair removal is one that involves repeated office vis­its, whether to your doctor’s office or a beauty stu­dio. How­ever, the over­all num­ber of repeat fol­low up vis­its is rea­son­able, usu­ally involv­ing between 8 and 10 over a period of time for com­plete facial hair removal.

Many peo­ple under­stand­ably have prob­lems with facial hair, espe­cially women. It can be seen as unat­trac­tive, and peo­ple spend a lot of time and effort in deal­ing with how to get rid of it. For­tu­nately, IPL treat­ment is avail­able to pro­vide a rem­edy and peace of mind to any­body with unwanted facial hair. Cheaper and requir­ing less down­time than other laser treat­ments, IPL is a tech­nol­ogy that attacks the prob­lem right at the root of the hair, mak­ing sure that unwanted facial hair becomes a thing of the past.

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