When is The Best Time To Start IPL Hair Removal treat­ment?

best time for ipl treat­ment

If you’ve been think­ing about IPL hair removal, the fall and win­ter months could be the best time to start your treat­ment. Read on to see why and get some more tips on the best time for IPL treatment.

Why start your IPL treat­ment in fall or winter?

IPL hair removal treat­ment works best on light skin with dark hair. Dur­ing fall and win­ter it’s a lot eas­ier to keep out of the sun and pre­vent your skin from tan­ning, com­pared to the sum­mer months. If you can’t avoid being exposed to some sun before your IPL ses­sion, it’s worth invest­ing in a good sun­block to pro­tect your skin and ensure the effec­tive­ness of your IPL treatment.

What hair removal meth­ods did you use before?

The method of hair removal that you have used in the past can have an effect on when you should start your IPL treat­ment. The cycle of your hair growth plays an impor­tant part of the IPL process and the treat­ment doesn’t work in cases where the hair has been removed from the root, for exam­ple by wax­ing, using tweez­ers or threading.

If you have waxed, tweezed or threaded, it’s best wait around 3 weeks before start­ing your IPL treat­ment. If you have used a hair removal or depila­tory cream, we rec­om­mend wait­ing around a week before start­ing IPL. If you have been shav­ing the area with a razor, you can start your IPLtreat­ment right away and we advise using this method of hair removal in between your IPLsessions.

We would also rec­om­mend you avoid bleach­ing the hairs before and in between ses­sions as the darker your hair colour is com­pared to your skin tone, the more effec­tive the treat­ment will be!

Can you have IPL treat­ment when on your period?

It’s safe to have IPL treat­ment when you are on your period, although some women avoid it dur­ing this time of the month because your pain thresh­old can be slightly higher dur­ing and just before the start of your period.

Find out more about what to expect from an IPL hair removal treat­ment in our guide to the Viss IPL sys­tem

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