Viss beauty, the leading brand of Narian, opens stores on worldwide

Narian.Co.Ltd ( CEO ┬áNari Kim ), a company specializing in homecare beauty devices, announced that it has been listed on, the world’s largest online shopping mall, with the leading brand VISS BEAUTY.

Viss Beauty is a brand name of Narian, who started in Korea with the intention of making women’s products for women, of women and made a position in USA and Canada with Homecare IPL hair removal, Skin rejuvenation, Acne system.

With the launch of New item, VISS RF, a patented Radio frequency skin tightening massage machine with a rotating function, Viss beauty expresses their aspiration to promote excellence of their products to the world. It was launched at in USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France earlier this year.

Viss RF massager can be used for professional treatment directly at home, so there is no need to go to clinics or the dermatologist for high-frequency procedures. Viss RF is a product that can manage face swelling as well as skin care.

Viss beauty is annually participating in famous international exhibitions such as Dubai, Italy, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Paris and Guangzhou in order to publicize the brand VISS in the world’s beauty markets of which is growing more than 10% annually. It has been selected as a promising export company and continues exporting to 20 countries.

In the near future, Narian will launch new devices which are VISS SONIC 2, an ultrasound Skin scrubber and VISS HAIR, a high frequency scalp and hair loss treatment device.

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