Skin Tones Suitable for IPL Hair Removal Treatment

IPL Skin Tones

Every individual aim to have a healthy and flawless skin. But they don’t know the perfect and right way to improve the beauty of their skin and look more beautiful and gorgeous. The best way to choose the right treatment for your skin is by knowing its types, if you know which type of skin you have then it’s sure that it can help you to choose the customize a skincare regimen and right products that work in the best manner for your skin.

Explore Proven Ways to Know Your Skin Type

One of the most primary steps which you have to consider when it comes to caring for the skin is to understand specific skin type. Also, make sure that you find out how your skin adapts to particular circumstances or seasonality. People need to understand that their skin is one of the primary organs of their body just like other organs like the heart, liver, lungs, or any other organ. Using harsh treatments or cleansers can prove to be harmful to the skin especially when you are unaware of your skin type.

Mainly there are few types of skins that you can consider to find out your skin type, this skin type can include: oily, dry, normal, combination, sensitive, and acne-prone skin type. Now you might be wondering what after knowing your skin type, the answer is very simple if you know which type of skin you exactly have then you can choose the best product or treatment for your skin. You can opt for effective ways that help you to look younger than before ever.

Why Go for IPL Skin Treatment Method?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is an advanced method of hair removal which not only removes your unwanted hairs but also assures you to provide smoother and beautiful skin. The IPL skin tones treat­ment is pain­less and quick, it provides excellent results than any other lead­ing laser systems available in the market these days. But before using this treatment make sure that you know which type of skin you have as this skin treat­ment is not suit­able for all types and conditions of the skin. Thus the very first step which you must consider is to find out whether the preferred treatment is safe and suitable for your skin.

Know Which Skin Types are More Suit­able for IPL?

IPL is suc­cess­ful remov­ing body hair due to the pres­ence of a hair pig­ment known as melanin. This absorbs the light energy emit­ted by the device and directs it to the hair fol­li­cle, to remove hair and pre­vent future growth.

Nat­u­rally dark pig­mented skin how­ever will con­tain more melanin than lighter skin tones so more energy is absorbed. This means indi­vid­u­als with darker skin tones are more sus­cep­ti­ble to burns and hypopig­men­ta­tion fol­low­ing treatment. 

IPL treat­ment is considered to be safer for skin tones such as:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Light and mid brown

IPL Hair removal and skin treat­ment is not effec­tive for the following hair criteria:

  • Red
  • Grey
  • Light blonde

Summing It Up

The VISS IPL hair removal sys­tem has eight adjustable light inten­sity set­tings to ensure that the users can make the necessary changes in the treatment process according to dif­fer­ent skin tones and body hair colors. The treat­ment is how­ever not rec­ommended for red, grey or light blonde hair, or peo­ple with darker skin.

To find out if your skin tone is suit­able for the treat­ment or not, please visit our VISS IPL hair removal page. You can also use our handy ‘Is It For Me?’ calculator to know the same.

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