Pain Free and Fast: Why Women Are So Excited About IPL Hair Removal

Women are excited about pain free ipl hair removal treat­ments because the other hair removal options just aren’t adding up to be enjoy­able, afford­able, or time-friendly. Read on to dis­cover how IPL from home is sim­ply a bet­ter alter­na­tive to nor­mal hair-removal methods.

pain free ipl hair removal

Shav­ing Doesn’t Cut It

Shav­ing gels, dis­pos­able razors, bat­ter­ies, and after­shave creams no longer need to have a place in the world. Shav­ing all the time can be an unnec­es­sary expense and a huge waste of time. Add up the cost of shav­ing equip­ment, over time, and it will be obvi­ous that the price is not wor­thy of the amount of time it takes to shave. In addi­tion to the wasted cost, shav­ing needs to be done way too often; it can take a long time to get in a good shave, and skin only stays hair-free for a cou­ple of days at a time.

Wax­ing is Painful and Messy

Many women can agree that wax­ing is a bet­ter alter­na­tive to shav­ing because wax­ing brings longer last­ing results, which means smoother skin for longer. But, of course, wax­ing hurts! It’s no fun hav­ing the hair ripped out of any area of the body, let alone the sen­si­tive spots. Wax­ing is not only painful; it can be down­right dirty. The mess involved with heated wax, and sticky strips doesn’t make the job of hair removal very much fun at all.

Going to a Salon is Expensive

Wax­ing, shav­ing, and other hair removal ses­sions done in a spa envi­ron­ment can be a costly habit. Sure, every­one wants to treat them­selves, but if going to a salon becomes the reg­u­lar thing it would be smart to ask the ques­tion, “Is it really worth the money?” If results at the salon are non-permanent, then find­ing a bet­ter way could be a worth­while thing to do. Often­times, peo­ple don’t think of all the expense that goes into the salon expe­ri­ence: the com­mut­ing, the gra­tu­ities, and the follow-up prod­uct pur­chases. It can all add up!

Time is Being Wasted

The time peo­ple spend shav­ing every sec­ond day, wax­ing every month, and going to the spa is time that could be spent enjoy­ing other activ­i­ties. The time at the spa isn’t the only fac­tor to con­sider; add up all the com­mut­ing and time spent in the wait­ing room as well. Per­ma­nent hair removal makes more sense, costs less money over time, is more effec­tive, less painful, and more enjoyable.

There’s a Bet­ter Alternative

At-home hair removal shouldn’t be expen­sive and waste­ful, and it shouldn’t be painful and messy. Intense Pulsed Light treat­ments can be done in the com­fort and con­ve­nience of any home envi­ron­ment, and they don’t need to be done by a pro­fes­sional. Pain free ipl hair removal is a safe, non-invasive, and highly effec­tive way to smooth the skin, shrink the pores, and remove unwanted hair from all over the body.

Not only are Intense Pulsed Light treat­ments safe and effec­tive, they also end up sav­ing time in the long run. All things con­sid­ered, there’s no won­der why women are excited about IPL.

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