Korean Skincare Guide: 10 Steps Routine to Follow for Gorgeous Skin

korean skincare guide

If you are interested in skincare, you might hear about Korean beauty, also termed K-beauty.  Korean beauty products originate from Korean manufacturers; they are made keeping Korean beauty philosophy in mind. Korean regimens and products are built for the long haul. Dedication and consistency are what generate their desired results. Consider it as taking a crash diet and choosing a clean eating lifestyle. Check the Korean skincare guide, learn the steps routine to follow for beautiful and gorgeous skin.

Fundamentally, the cosmetic surgery trends and skincare routine is all about respecting the skin. Instead of practicing harsh ingredients that strip the natural barrier, Korean skincare theory is about working with skin’s natural ecosystem by hydrating, nourishing, protecting, and cleansing, enabling our skin to thrive.

What is Korean Skincare?

The skincare routine that focuses on protection and prevention rather than products to undo the damage is termed Korean Skincare. It is proof of taking care of your skin, especially when it needs to be paid off for the long run. Prevention is better as once the damage is caused, it is hard to recover skin in its original state.

Why is it so Buzzworthy?

The Korean skincare routine is not any brand or skin professional discovery. It is a more gradual evolution from a skin regimen that an end number of Koreans consider. It has changed the skincare sector globally and captured the attention of beauty lovers who follow skin and beauty care trends.

The skincare routine provides consistent and effective results and contributes to beauty lovers respecting their skin and taking little extra care. They consider it as “me time” and take essential steps to improve the overall beauty. According to an Export.Gov report, in 2016, the Korean beauty sector has grown in exports globally. The total export of cosmetics during the forecasted period was around $4.2 billion, a 61.6% increase from the preceding year.

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Essential Korean Skin Care Guide: Check Every Step Right Here!

The global home-use beauty devices market is increasing drastically. It’s estimated to reach $6,457.4 million in 2019, and it is predicted to witness a 20.4% CAGR during the forecast period 2020 and 2030. The rising geriatric populace, increasing prevalence of skin-related infirmities, growing disposable income, escalating currency of hormonal disorders, and surging knowledge about beauty devices are the critical parasite aspects driving the home-use beauty appliances industry.

Gorgeous skin needs no witchcraft, just easy step skincare regimen. Building a customized beauty and skincare routine is the best way to address concerns specific to skin. However, there is no magic bullet or product fit solution. Check the top Korean beauty or K-beauty secrets, the reason for Korean women’s luminous and flawless complexions.

Use An Oil-Based Cleanser

The first step of the skincare regimen involves using an oil cleanser to eliminate dirt and makeup.

How It Can Help:

Oil-based cleansers are more irritating-free than regular cleansers. They break down oil-based sunscreen, makeup, and much other debris. The cleaners prove to be effective for waterproof sunscreen removal as well.

How to Use:

Take a small amount of high-quality oil-based cleanser and gently rub your face. Cleansing in a circular motion increases blood flow which is ultimately essential for healthy skin and enables the cells to carry out the functions smoothly. It helps keep skin healthy and brighten. Clean it for 2 or 3 minutes and wash the face with lukewarm water. It’s recommended to mix essential oil to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Cleanse It Again!

The initial step is to remove oil-based impurities, while the second step involves using a water-based cleanser to get rid of the accumulated dirt and sweat. Double time cleansing helps you remove dirt, sweat, grime, and oil-based impurities from your face.

How To Use:

Take a pump of cleanser and massage gently on your skin. It’s essential to use a pH balancing cleanser, helping to prevent eradicating the skin barrier. Make sure to lock all the essential oil in your skin.

What Is A pH Balancing Cleanser?

Human skin is weakly acidic, which means the skin’s pH level ranges from 4.7 to 5.7. A cleanser with a pH number more critical than is recommended for skin. If your cleanser generates great foam, it’s most likely alkaline and not good for your skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Choose a gentle scrub that suits the skin type to exfoliate your skin. You can use it to remove dead skin cells from your skin; this step makes your skin appear more radiant and firm. You can also use a Galvanic machine to massage your skin and improve your skin’s overall tone and texture.

How To Exfoliate Your Skin:

You recommend using a beauty and skincare product that suits your skin type after analyzing your skin. Few answers to questions and recommendations can help you to leverage more effective results.

Apply Toner

A toner helps to remove the remaining dirt from your skin and maintain your skin’s pH level. Moreover, toners manage to reduce the oil present in your skin and make it feel tight and dry. Make sure that you don’t use alcohol-based toners. 

You can currently find toners with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; however, there are other beneficial additives. Toners tend to soothe and moisturize your skin, especially when compared to the typical alcohol-based products. Find the toner that suits your skin the most.

How To Use:

Take some portion of toner on your fingertips and rub your skin gently with it. You can use a cotton pad to pat it gently on your skin.


Essence is one of the essential parts of the Korean beauty and skincare regimen. It soothes your skin and heals it at the same time. An essence is bound with hydrating ingredients, ensuring to speed up cell turnover.

How To Use:

Please take a few drops of essence on your fingertips and pat it lightly on your skin to leverage effective results.

Use Serum

After following such a long process, your skin is all ready to absorb essential ingredients. A face serum is a slightly heavier and concentrated version of essence. It contains active ingredients to address most skin problems such as pigmentation, dark spots, and wrinkles. The use of suitable serum helps to improve overall skin health.

How To Use:

Sprinkle some amount of product on your palm. Now, pat it gently on your skin to have the best result.

Use Sheet Mask

It has taken the beauty sector by storm. The sheet mask is soaked in serum and is packed with beneficial minerals and vitamins. They are highly hydrating, ensuring to leave your skin supple and soft.

How To Use:

Sheet masks are available in a standard size, which means they fit all sizes and shapes of the face. Apply it to the face and pat gently to line the mask around the eyes and mouth. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, and then remove it. You can consider using it before any party or event.

Eye Cream

The area around your eye shows signs of aging early; hence it becomes essential for you to take extra care. You can use eye creams as they are made to address your under-eye and prevent wrinkles around the area. It also helps you avoid dark circles and crow feet, helping to keep skin hydrated and soothe the skin around the eyes.

How To Use:

Take a tiny drop on your fingertip and gently tap it on the skin area around your eyes.


It’s believed that this step is essential to lock down the previous layer. It is more like an occlusive block utilized to lock in the applied product. If you have oily skin, you can use light and lotion-based moisturizer to have the best result for your skin. But if you have oily skin, prefer using heavy cream moisturizer to prevent skin from feeling irritation.

How To Use:

Take a small amount of cream on your palm and gently apply it to the skin. Now massage the skin in a circular motion for 10 to 15 minutes to leverage effective results.

Don’t Forget The SPF

SPF is one of the most effective methods to protect your skin; it acts as a shield and protects skin from harmful UV rays. A broad-spectrum is recommended for your skin as it helps prevent skin from UVB and UVA rays that can damage it. 

But if you have oily skin, then it’s recommended for you to consider mineral sunscreen or physical sunblock to avoid clogged pores. Today sunscreens are available in different forms ensuring to suit your skin type and other preferences as well.

How To Use:

Gently pat sunscreen on your skin, don’t forget to cover your jawline and neck as well.

There is Much to Dig Into!

Above listed Korean skincare routine has generated many skincare professionals’ reviews. The long-standing multi-step traditions have stood the test of time. Every one of us aims to have buttery soft, and translucent-looking skin that Korean women have. However, they are blessed with beautiful-looking skin, but it demands great diligence and effort to maintain it.

For this reason, the Korean skincare routine has augmented a lot of prevalence in the last few years. Although the skincare routine seems time-consuming and cumbersome, it results in flawless and beautiful-looking skin. It’s what determines the skincare steps’ effectiveness. Korean skincare routines are a little overwhelming, but they can help to improve your overall look once you know all.

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