Is IPL Hair Removal Treatment Painful? Know The Truth

is ipl painful

As there is a vari­ety of hair removal treat­ment options avail­able this can make find­ing the right solu­tion for your needs difficult. To help make this process eas­ier we are going to take a closer look at IPL hair removal treat­ment and how painless the process really is.

How painful is the treatment?

IPL gen­er­ally feels no more painful than a warm prick­ling on the skin, although it is best to start treat­ment on a low inten­sity set­ting and work your way up.

Dis­com­fort will depend on:

  • Treated area: Cer­tain areas of the body will be more prone to discomfort.
  • Tex­ture of the hair: Coarser hair can cause more dis­com­fort for the user.
  • Skin type: It is impor­tant that you only use the treat­ment if you have white, beige or light/mid brown skin. It is not rec­om­mended for darker skin.
  • Hair type: Peo­ple with darker hair are not rec­om­mended to use the treatment.

How to pre­vent discomfort

A cool­ing device or trop­i­cal anaes­thetic can be used dur­ing the pro­ce­dure to min­imize lev­els of dis­com­fort, if you are par­tic­u­larly sus­cep­ti­ble. Cov­er­ing the area with ice for a few min­utes after treat­ment will also help to reduce discomfort.

It is also impor­tant that you select the cor­rect inten­sity set­tings accord­ing to your skin tone and hair colour. You can increase the inten­sity set­tings as you become accus­tomed to the treat­ment, if nec­es­sary, but you must make sure that your skin tone is suitable for treatment.

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