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Women around the world have long suf­fered from the ongo­ing incon­ve­nience of remov­ing unwanted hair. For those who have fine, lightly-coloured hair, body hair can be much eas­ier to main­tain as it’s not always vis­i­ble. For oth­ers with thick, dark-coloured and notice­able facial and/or bod­ily hair, the incon­ve­nience is far greater and can cause a wealth of self-esteem issues.

The search for a cost effec­tive, safe and per­ma­nent method of hair removal is ongo­ing. What suits one woman may not be right for another. Wax­ing, depila­tory creams and shav­ing are all quick fixes, but actu­ally make the prob­lem worse in the long run as hair can grown back thicker and more coarse.

Laser and light treat­ments tar­get the pig­men­ta­tion in hairs, heat­ing and destroy­ing them so that hair fol­li­cle activ­ity is dis­abled. For that rea­son, there must be a dif­fer­ence in pig­men­ta­tion between the skin tone and the hair colour for the treat­ment to be effec­tive and to avoid burn­ing of the skin. IPL is said to be the least painful and most effec­tive method of per­ma­nent hair reduc­tion, yet many women are hes­i­tant to try it due to con­fu­sion about its suit­abil­ity for cer­tain skin tones and hair types.

A com­mon mis­con­cep­tion is that IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is not suit­able for darker skin tones, when in actual fact, IPL can be safely used to treat unwanted hair on dark brown skin tones with black or dark brown hair using a lower light inten­sity set­ting (1,2 or 3 on VISS IPL).

Where tra­di­tion­ally it may have not been suit­able, thanks to advances in tech­nol­ogy, now it is sim­ply a case of a spe­cific light inten­sity depend­ing on your skin shade and hair colour.

With the darker and thicker nature so often asso­ci­ated with darker skin tones, includ­ing on Indian skin, IPL can offer a more long-term solu­tion to hair removal, whereas the likes of wax­ing and shav­ing can only offer tem­po­rary reduc­tions in hair, and require more time ded­i­ca­tion to maintain.

IPL home sys­tems ensure that hav­ing to go to a salon for every hair removal treat­ment is erad­i­cated, sav­ing you time, has­sle, poten­tial embar­rass­ment and money. Suit­able on arm hair and under­arm hair removal along­side tra­di­tional areas such as legs, these machines are ver­sa­tile enough to be worth your while.

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