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ipl for indian skin

For women’s face and body, hair is something that is unwanted and yet not that easy to get rid of. Again that varies with the type of hairs too, some women have light-colored hair that is less visible and some have thick dark colored hair that is more likely to be visible and daunts the self-esteem of women. For women like these all over the world and India, Ipl hair removal for Indian skin is the perfect solution and far better than any laser treatment.

Because the risk of permanent lightening or darkening of the skin is greater for patients with darker skin types, patients with darker skin need to make sure an experienced provider using a safe machine is treating them. This shows that the use of laser treatments is not that easy for skin removal for any skin tone. IPL is said to be the least painful and most effec­tive method of per­ma­nent hair reduc­tion, yet many women are hes­i­tant to try it due to con­fu­sion about its suit­abil­ity for cer­tain skin tones and hair types.

Laser Vs. IPL hair removal for Indian Skin

Laser treatments need professional and specialists for treatment and have several side-effects. While if you choose Ipl hair removal for Indian skin, you will be able to save your skin from hazards of pigmentations, coarse skin, and rashes. Often women who don’t want tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, choose laser hair removal as an option. But, blisters are more likely to be formed in people with darker complexions after laser treatments. Other potential side effects are swelling, redness, and scarring. Permanent scarring or changes in skin color can also occur.

While Ipl is a proven technology, which heats up the subdermal hair roots through controlled impulses of light, and removes hair from the skin by gradually. IPL can be safely used to treat unwanted hair on dark brown skin tones with black or dark brown hair using a lower light inten­sity set­ting (1,2 or 3 on VISS IPL). For Indian women, this is truly a revolutionary product with ease of usage at their own home. Within a few sittings, women can see the difference in their skin.

Benefits of IPL hair removal for Indian Skin.

  • IPL hair removal system can be used to treat the skin on several body parts,  where you are experiencing unwanted hair.
  • You can see visible results within one month of regular treatment. 
  • Viss IPL works better on thick, dark hair rather than on fine, light hair. 
  • Rather than harmful laser lights, IPL offers non-hazardous, safe and secure hair removal.
  • It uses the technique of progressive hair reduction which will give dramatic results.
  • VISS IPL home sys­tems ensure salon visits for every hair removal treat­ment is erad­i­cated, sav­ing you time, has­sle, poten­tial embar­rass­ment and money. 
  • VISS IPL hair removal for Indian Skin is suit­able on arm hair and under­arm hair removal.
  • It is also quite suitable for tra­di­tional areas such as legs.

Signing Off:

Weddings are the biggest celebrations in India. Women and bride to be, girls in India are always looking for hair removal treatments and skin treatments prior to the big occasion. If you want a long-lasting solution for your unwanted hairs and you want your skin to look fabulous on the big day, choose IPL hair removal for Indian skin of yours in advance and see great results in some sessions. 

There is no doubt to the fact that after a few sessions with VISS IPL hair removal treatment, you will be the center of attraction on that big day and it will make you the celebrity of your realm. 

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