Hair Removal For Face – Best Treatment For Women

hair removal for face

Excess facial hair on women is incred­i­bly com­mon, yet it remains a taboo sub­ject. Hor­monal imbal­ances can be a cause of this and so can hav­ing a genetic pre-disposition for facial hair. It can affect a woman’s self-confidence and often make her feel un-feminine. Many resort to quick-fix hair removal meth­ods, but these don’t have long-lasting effects and can actu­ally make the prob­lem worse. Hair removal creams, shav­ing and pluck­ing can cause the hairs to grow back thick and coarse, as well as dam­ag­ing the hair fol­li­cle which is likely to lead to ingrown hairs.

What treat­ments are available for Face Hair Removal?

Per­ma­nent facial hair reduc­tion meth­ods are avail­able but can be painful, expen­sive and time con­sum­ing. It does make sense to spend more money on a treat­ment that will give you per­ma­nent results, but be sure to research all of the options to find the right treat­ment for you.


involves a fine ster­ile nee­dle being inserted into each hair fol­li­cle to give the hairs an elec­tric shock which kills the fol­li­cle. Hairs then can­not grow back, how­ever it is worth not­ing that if a new hair is grow­ing under­neath the one that has been shocked, it will still grow through. This means that as many as twelve ses­sions can be required, and at £20 for a fif­teen minute ses­sion (which will only cover a small area like the top lip) elec­trol­y­sis can be expensive.

Laser hair removal

involves a strong laser tar­get­ing the hair growth and destroy­ing the fol­li­cle, pre­vent­ing hair from re-growing. Laser treat­ment can be costly as a course of six treat­ments is usu­ally required. Lasers work best on peo­ple with dark hair and pale skin because they tar­get the pig­ment in the hair. This treat­ment is there­fore not suit­able for dark skin or peo­ple with pale facial hair.

Intense Pulsed Light

This is sim­i­lar to laser treat­ment, but uses var­i­ous light wave­lengths, and lamps are big­ger allow­ing a much larger area to be treated at any one time. IPL is said to be less painful and less time con­sum­ing than laser treat­ments, as well as being one of the cheaper per­ma­nent hair remover meth­ods avail­able. Home hair removal sys­tems are avail­able mean­ing you can treat your­self in pri­vacy, when­ever you need to (usu­ally five or six ses­sions are required with an annual ‘top-up’ ses­sion) with­out embar­rass­ment or discomfort.

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