Skincare Tips For Summer – Fight the Heat Ways and Keep Skin Refreshing

skin care tips for summer

The summer heat and glare is the leading cause for various skin problems. People face different types of skin issues such as open pores, acne, sunburns, etc. You can’t do much wrong with little to makeup-free skincare during summer, but it gets tricky while selecting products and formulas that withstand heat, sweat, and humidity. We are experiencing excellent summer heat these days; hence it’s essential to follow a proper skincare guide, helping you to take skincare, fight the summers heat ways, explore every tip to keep your skin refreshing all time.

Each year, around 3 million Americans are pretended by SCC or BCC, evaluating the American Academy of Dermatology. Having one skin problem diagnosis establishes you at a greater risk for having another; however, there’re preventive measures you can take.

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In 2017, more than 1701 315 new cases of cancer were measured, while around 599,099 people died of cancer. For every 100,000 people, 438 new cases were reported, and 153 died of cancer. Skin problems are the leading cause of death in the U.S. One out of four deaths is caused due to cancer in the United States.

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However, summer love is time to get bright, colorful dresses and unwind everything on display; it’s facts that the heat that crushes all hopes and dreams for the season. During the scorching summer, we’re at the mercy of air coolers and conditioners as the sun sucks the life out of us. It creates trouble with beautiful skin, body hydration, and flawless hair. Hence women and men seek to benefit from ways that help them to fight the heat ways and keep their skin refreshing.

Skincare Beauty Tips to Fight the Summer Ways: Learn to Keep Your Skin Fresh & Glowing

Unlike any other weather, summer demands proper treatment for your skin and hair. You need to follow proper cosmetic surgery trends, hair care tips, and skincare to prepare beforehand for the summer season. It’s essential to have a proper beauty and skincare regimen that takes care of skin, helping you look good during the harsh weather.

Skincare should be adjusted as per the seasonal needs. The requirements of the skin during dry and hot weather are different from humid and hot weather. During the months of summer, when hot winds blow, there’s a lack of humidity in the air. The skin dissipates to the moisture in the atmosphere and becomes dry. You can follow a few tactics to protect your skin from heat ways and have refreshing skin for all time.


One of the affordable and effective beauty treatments during hot weather is water. Yes, the traditional H2O is best to keep your skin fresh and rehydrated. Nothing works well, hence make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water per day or more as much you can.


Sunscreen is a must-have in everyone’s handbag this summer skincare. Check the SPF to accommodate the summer sun in the city. Apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before you step out of your door so that it gets soaked into your skin and protects it from getting tanned. Make sure to re-apply it whenever needed; sunscreen comes in different forms such as gel, sprays, cream, sticks, many more; all you need to look at is what suits your skin in the best way.

It’s tough as some sunscreens leave oily skin and prone to breakouts; hence it becomes vital for you to choose a best sunscreen that protects your skin from harmful ways and keeps it healthy. Once you find the right product for your skin, make it part of your daily routine even when the sun is not shining much.


Good skin tonic is essential for skin, especially in hot weather, as it helps you keep the skin refreshing and cool. And rosewater is an ideal choice as it’s a natural coolant. It helps you to refresh the skin, ensuring to provide you with a fresh and clean feeling. You can consider keeping a bowl of rose water in the refrigerator; this helps you to have ready to use tonic at your convenience.

Wipe your skin many times a day with cotton wool pads deep into rose water. If you’re out for a trip, then you can carry wet tissues to clean your skin and a refreshing feeling. Rosewater will provide you with the best and rosy skin ever.

Avoid Overheating Your Hair

Overheating your hair can damage your hair, to remove it can cause damage to your skin. Hence make sure to extra care while using the hair removal device, follow the proper guidance provided to you to avoid skin burns and rashes. Keep changing the position of the device whenever you feel warmer at any place.

Use Waterproof & Lightweight Makeup

No one these days loves oil creasing and foundations that melt on the skin. For a summer-friendly look, you can opt for lightweight makeup formulas instead of choosing makeup that runs all over.

You can even ditch your liquid foundations and replace them with lightweight BB cream for a fresh look. Waterproof mascaras help you to avoid panda eye and lip, consider checking stains for blushes that enable your skin to breathe and work like magic for the skin.

Follow Basic Tone, Cleanse & Moisturise Routine

Skin pores get enlarged during summer, helping skin breathe efficiently, resulting in excessive dirt clogging and sweat, resulting in breakouts and blackheads. But by following a simple tone, cleanse, and moisturize beauty routine, it is essential to look after the skin. Based on your skin type, ensure to use a toner, cleanser, moisturizer, and following with a mild exfoliator once every week to avoid dry skin forming on the skin surface.

Choose Natural Products

Even though a leading brand opens online, it becomes easier for people to access everything to make a purchase. But before making a purchase decision, understand the ingredients used inside it. Some beauty and skincare trends can be tempting to try but are not always practical for the skin. Hence go for herbal products, which are proved to be the best alternative; you can even find such products in your kitchen.

Ending Note

Summer often calls for spending time outside; even the days are longer and warmer and more prolonged. The weather can lead to unintended beauty problems such as curly hair, cracked skin, puffy eyes, etc. Luckily, you can take a few essential steps to overcome beauty-related snafus correlated with sun and heat.

Once the rising temperatures, check the skincare routine. During summer, you can not go wrong with wearing little makeup, but you find it tricky when it comes to searching for the right product and formulas for your skin during summer that can withstand humidity, sweat, and heat.

Korean Skincare Guide: 10 Steps Routine to Follow for Gorgeous Skin

korean skincare guide

If you are interested in skincare, you might hear about Korean beauty, also termed K-beauty.  Korean beauty products originate from Korean manufacturers; they are made keeping Korean beauty philosophy in mind. Korean regimens and products are built for the long haul. Dedication and consistency are what generate their desired results. Consider it as taking a crash diet and choosing a clean eating lifestyle. Check the Korean skincare guide, learn the steps routine to follow for beautiful and gorgeous skin.

Fundamentally, the cosmetic surgery trends and skincare routine is all about respecting the skin. Instead of practicing harsh ingredients that strip the natural barrier, Korean skincare theory is about working with skin’s natural ecosystem by hydrating, nourishing, protecting, and cleansing, enabling our skin to thrive.

What is Korean Skincare?

The skincare routine that focuses on protection and prevention rather than products to undo the damage is termed Korean Skincare. It is proof of taking care of your skin, especially when it needs to be paid off for the long run. Prevention is better as once the damage is caused, it is hard to recover skin in its original state.

Why is it so Buzzworthy?

The Korean skincare routine is not any brand or skin professional discovery. It is a more gradual evolution from a skin regimen that an end number of Koreans consider. It has changed the skincare sector globally and captured the attention of beauty lovers who follow skin and beauty care trends.

The skincare routine provides consistent and effective results and contributes to beauty lovers respecting their skin and taking little extra care. They consider it as “me time” and take essential steps to improve the overall beauty. According to an Export.Gov report, in 2016, the Korean beauty sector has grown in exports globally. The total export of cosmetics during the forecasted period was around $4.2 billion, a 61.6% increase from the preceding year.

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Essential Korean Skin Care Guide: Check Every Step Right Here!

The global home-use beauty devices market is increasing drastically. It’s estimated to reach $6,457.4 million in 2019, and it is predicted to witness a 20.4% CAGR during the forecast period 2020 and 2030. The rising geriatric populace, increasing prevalence of skin-related infirmities, growing disposable income, escalating currency of hormonal disorders, and surging knowledge about beauty devices are the critical parasite aspects driving the home-use beauty appliances industry.

Gorgeous skin needs no witchcraft, just easy step skincare regimen. Building a customized beauty and skincare routine is the best way to address concerns specific to skin. However, there is no magic bullet or product fit solution. Check the top Korean beauty or K-beauty secrets, the reason for Korean women’s luminous and flawless complexions.

Use An Oil-Based Cleanser

The first step of the skincare regimen involves using an oil cleanser to eliminate dirt and makeup.

How It Can Help:

Oil-based cleansers are more irritating-free than regular cleansers. They break down oil-based sunscreen, makeup, and much other debris. The cleaners prove to be effective for waterproof sunscreen removal as well.

How to Use:

Take a small amount of high-quality oil-based cleanser and gently rub your face. Cleansing in a circular motion increases blood flow which is ultimately essential for healthy skin and enables the cells to carry out the functions smoothly. It helps keep skin healthy and brighten. Clean it for 2 or 3 minutes and wash the face with lukewarm water. It’s recommended to mix essential oil to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Cleanse It Again!

The initial step is to remove oil-based impurities, while the second step involves using a water-based cleanser to get rid of the accumulated dirt and sweat. Double time cleansing helps you remove dirt, sweat, grime, and oil-based impurities from your face.

How To Use:

Take a pump of cleanser and massage gently on your skin. It’s essential to use a pH balancing cleanser, helping to prevent eradicating the skin barrier. Make sure to lock all the essential oil in your skin.

What Is A pH Balancing Cleanser?

Human skin is weakly acidic, which means the skin’s pH level ranges from 4.7 to 5.7. A cleanser with a pH number more critical than is recommended for skin. If your cleanser generates great foam, it’s most likely alkaline and not good for your skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Choose a gentle scrub that suits the skin type to exfoliate your skin. You can use it to remove dead skin cells from your skin; this step makes your skin appear more radiant and firm. You can also use a Galvanic machine to massage your skin and improve your skin’s overall tone and texture.

How To Exfoliate Your Skin:

You recommend using a beauty and skincare product that suits your skin type after analyzing your skin. Few answers to questions and recommendations can help you to leverage more effective results.

Apply Toner

A toner helps to remove the remaining dirt from your skin and maintain your skin’s pH level. Moreover, toners manage to reduce the oil present in your skin and make it feel tight and dry. Make sure that you don’t use alcohol-based toners. 

You can currently find toners with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; however, there are other beneficial additives. Toners tend to soothe and moisturize your skin, especially when compared to the typical alcohol-based products. Find the toner that suits your skin the most.

How To Use:

Take some portion of toner on your fingertips and rub your skin gently with it. You can use a cotton pad to pat it gently on your skin.


Essence is one of the essential parts of the Korean beauty and skincare regimen. It soothes your skin and heals it at the same time. An essence is bound with hydrating ingredients, ensuring to speed up cell turnover.

How To Use:

Please take a few drops of essence on your fingertips and pat it lightly on your skin to leverage effective results.

Use Serum

After following such a long process, your skin is all ready to absorb essential ingredients. A face serum is a slightly heavier and concentrated version of essence. It contains active ingredients to address most skin problems such as pigmentation, dark spots, and wrinkles. The use of suitable serum helps to improve overall skin health.

How To Use:

Sprinkle some amount of product on your palm. Now, pat it gently on your skin to have the best result.

Use Sheet Mask

It has taken the beauty sector by storm. The sheet mask is soaked in serum and is packed with beneficial minerals and vitamins. They are highly hydrating, ensuring to leave your skin supple and soft.

How To Use:

Sheet masks are available in a standard size, which means they fit all sizes and shapes of the face. Apply it to the face and pat gently to line the mask around the eyes and mouth. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, and then remove it. You can consider using it before any party or event.

Eye Cream

The area around your eye shows signs of aging early; hence it becomes essential for you to take extra care. You can use eye creams as they are made to address your under-eye and prevent wrinkles around the area. It also helps you avoid dark circles and crow feet, helping to keep skin hydrated and soothe the skin around the eyes.

How To Use:

Take a tiny drop on your fingertip and gently tap it on the skin area around your eyes.


It’s believed that this step is essential to lock down the previous layer. It is more like an occlusive block utilized to lock in the applied product. If you have oily skin, you can use light and lotion-based moisturizer to have the best result for your skin. But if you have oily skin, prefer using heavy cream moisturizer to prevent skin from feeling irritation.

How To Use:

Take a small amount of cream on your palm and gently apply it to the skin. Now massage the skin in a circular motion for 10 to 15 minutes to leverage effective results.

Don’t Forget The SPF

SPF is one of the most effective methods to protect your skin; it acts as a shield and protects skin from harmful UV rays. A broad-spectrum is recommended for your skin as it helps prevent skin from UVB and UVA rays that can damage it. 

But if you have oily skin, then it’s recommended for you to consider mineral sunscreen or physical sunblock to avoid clogged pores. Today sunscreens are available in different forms ensuring to suit your skin type and other preferences as well.

How To Use:

Gently pat sunscreen on your skin, don’t forget to cover your jawline and neck as well.

There is Much to Dig Into!

Above listed Korean skincare routine has generated many skincare professionals’ reviews. The long-standing multi-step traditions have stood the test of time. Every one of us aims to have buttery soft, and translucent-looking skin that Korean women have. However, they are blessed with beautiful-looking skin, but it demands great diligence and effort to maintain it.

For this reason, the Korean skincare routine has augmented a lot of prevalence in the last few years. Although the skincare routine seems time-consuming and cumbersome, it results in flawless and beautiful-looking skin. It’s what determines the skincare steps’ effectiveness. Korean skincare routines are a little overwhelming, but they can help to improve your overall look once you know all.

Cosmetic Surgery Trends 2021: Dive into to Look Beautiful!

cosmetic surgery trends

Due to modern innovations and technological advancement, the medical industry is leveraging excellent results. The craze of plastic and cosmetic surgery is also increasing among beauty lovers. Cosmetic surgery is a type of surgery that intends to enhance a person’s appearance and is approached with caution.

Some popular plastic surgery trends include radiofrequency and laser facials that add more beauty to an individual’s look. Explore the complete article to understand the fantastic cosmetic surgery trends 2021, dive into each of them to get a fabulous look.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons report shows that Americans spent about $16.5 billion on cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive methods in 2018. The most-performed minimally invasive procedures include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, wrinkle treatment injections, etc.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Also known as aesthetic surgery. It’s an elective operation that entails raising a person’s appearance. Different types of cosmetic surgery include rhinoplasty, liposuction, blepharoplasty, rhytidectomy (facelift), and breast augmentation. In 2017 the leading surgical procedure worldwide was breast augmentation, followed by eyelid surgery and liposuction. While the popular non-surgical procedures such as botox, botulinum toxin, hair removal, photo rejuvenation, and hyaluronic acid.

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What is Primary Difference Between Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is dedicated to the reconstruction of the body and facial defects due to burns, disease, birth disorders, trauma, etc. It’s intended to improve dysfunctional areas of the body ensuring to reconstruct it just as a natural-looking.

However, the unique discipline of medicine focused on intensifying appearance through medical and surgical techniques is known as Cosmetic surgery. It can be carried on all the areas, including neck, head, or any other part of the body. The U.S. was the country with the highest cosmetic procedure globally in 2017, with more than four million operations. The number of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic methods in the U.S. has increased during the last decade. The number was around 1.6 million in 1997, which raised and reached about 4.8 million in 2018.

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Cosmetic Surgery Trend: Explore All to Get Picture-Perfect Look!

Undoubtedly cosmetic surgery has gained massive popularity among people these days. More than 15.1 million cosmetic procedures were processed in 2013 in the U.S alone; the number is projected to increase continuously during the upcoming years. The fantastic process is available for each body part; taking the approach gently can result in an unexpected result.

The result of cosmetic surgery is permanent; hence you need to use an appropriate practitioner and need to have the right motivation. The patient may take counselling from the surgeon before the surgery if they feel like they are underlying problems that can’t be solved by the process. Explore different types of cosmetic surgery people consider to enhance their look and personality.

  • Breast surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Vulvovaginal surgery
  • Body procedures
  • Facial cosmetic surgery
  • Peels, fillers, grafts, and laser treatment
  • Hair transplantation

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The global aesthetics market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 10.08%; it is predicted to reach around USD 12,175.1 million till the end of 2025. The market is gaining significance during recent years, owing to the growing expenditure on the prevalence of skin diseases and cosmetic surgeries. According to the report, more than 200 to 300 million people in India are suffering from acne.

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Moreover, the Cosmetic Physicians College 2015 report shows that Australians spent about USD 890 million on non-invasive or minimally cosmetic procedures. It shows the unbelievable rise of 5% from previous years; the market growth is forecasted to grow more in the forecasted period. Let’s explore the latest cosmetic surgery trends in 2021 to choose the best one to look gorgeous ever after.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Continuous hair fall is one of the common problems faced by most of the world globally. And platelet-rich plasma is now considered a standard protocol for hair growth; the procedure involves injecting platelet-rich plasma from the body into the scalp to repair damaged hair follicles, that encourages thicker and fuller growth.

The treatment’s mechanism of injection protocols are being demystified daily; this cosmetic surgery trend is continuously expanding. Adjuvant therapy to lasers and stand-alone injectable is being used to gain traction and is expected to grow continually in the upcoming year.

Hair Transplantations

Hair transplantation is one of the significant kinds of cosmetic surgery, helping you to renew hair growth easily without any particular issues. During the process, tiny hair follicles are collected from the back of the scalp, in the part where the hair tends to be denser. It’s ten transplanted using the minute incisions to those areas of the scalp that are afflicted by hair loss.

Most patients need multiple sessions to achieve a fantastic result as per their desire. After almost six weeks, the hair that was transplanted using the surgery will fall, but it’s not the bothering one as new hair will grow in its place within three months. Individuals who want to leverage the advantage need to avoid smoking and tobacco use simultaneously, as it can affect the wound healing.

Minimally Invasive Skin Tightening

Skin-tightening procedures are gaining massive popularity among the people these days. Numerous people are searching for non-surgical and preventative treatments. They prefer to use vitamin e cream to leverage more amazing results during the skin tightening procedure. The process uses radiofrequency lightning and micro-focused ultrasound to incite collagen deep in the skin, resulting in a skin-tightening effect helping to treat sagging and prevent loose skin.

Microneedling with Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency is widely used for beauty treatments these days. Combo of two treatments is ensured to offer amplifying results. The process is utterly blood-free due to the coagulation outcomes of the needles, that means inmates rebound immediately post-procedure. RF treatments use light, that ensures to speed up the brightening and anti-acne effects.

Vulvovaginal Surgery

Labiaplasty, labia minora reduction, a labial reduction that involves surgery of the labia minora and Majora of the vulva, a vital part of the female genitalia. It strives to subdue elongated labia, which is one of the essential components of a vaginoplasty. There is a lack of scientific and clinical evidence that guide gynaecological surgeons for completing the effectiveness and safety of cosmetic vaginal procedures.

Eyelid or blepharoplasty surgery, endeavours to reshape the eyelids. Skin becomes lax with age, and there was holding and dropping of the upper lids and bags on the lower lids. Eyelid surgery may be cosmetic, functional, or both. It usually involves repositioning, removing excess fat and skin, and the process of reinforcing surrounding tendons and muscles. Surgery can easily change the shape or tighten the face and the skin.

Peels, Grafts, Laser, and Fillers Treatment

Diminutive invasive treatments may include injections, peels, grafting, laser, and fillers treatment. Chemical peels help in treating pockmarks, acne, wrinkles, and scars. Numerous active agents can be used, a superficial or light peel uses AHAs like lactic, fruit acids, or glycolic helps to treat the outermost layers of the skin.

The treatment is not much deep similar to another one; hence recovery time is minimal compared to medium and deep peels. A medium peel penetrates the dermis compared to light peels, the pain and recovery are significant than the lighter peels. Flaking and redness persist for various weeks or days.

A deep peel penetrates the skin to the broadest extent. It has an enormous influence on resurfacing the skin, but it has the most extended recovery time. It helps to cause skin lightening and scarring. Chemical peels are safe and effective for both light and darker skin types.

Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends: Ensures to Offer Perfect Look You Desire!

Research shows that the B2B side of the lucrative sector in 2017 exceeded $9.5 billion in revenues with a growth of 10.5% CAGR. On the procedure side, healthcare providers are generating above $25 billion per year with a predicted CAGR of 5.7%.

The cosmetic surgery industry is growing due to technological improvements that are ensuring to create new opportunities and improve the way. Additionally, body contouring treatments are frequently incorporating lasers.

Many cosmetic surgery trends have gained popularity in the market in a short time. And there are many to come as the case of looking attractive is increasing with each passing day. Hence it becomes essential for you to have complete information regarding the current trends.

Winter Skin Care Guide – Ultimate Survival Tips for Face and Body

winter skin care guide

While the beginning of winter can evoke pleasant images of Christmas shopping, family dinners, ice skating, holiday parties, etc., it’s equally important to remember that the dry air and cold weather can wreak havoc on skin and body. With the decrease in temperature, our blood vessels reduce blood flow to the exterior of the skin. It can result in leaving our skin susceptible to moisture loss because our skin cells fight the drying effects of the windy and cold winter months. Hence it becomes vital for you to follow skin care tips as it helps you keep your body moisture and beautiful even in the winter.

Explore the ultimate winter skincare survival guide for the face and body, helping you prepare for the cold and dry weather. For people like you and me, imminent weather calls for many preventative measures such as adding insulation, putting anti-freeze, getting a flu shot, etc. But most of us forget to consider the immediate threats that winter poses to our health as well. It is not enough to buy a new scarf and hat to protect your skin; you need to take extra skincare during winters.

Complete Winter Skin Care Guide: Learn to Protect and Preserve Your Skin

EPA report shows that around 90% of skin aging is affected by sun exposure. Even during the windy atmosphere, UV rays manage the skin collagen resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Most people find their face and body dry during the winter, mainly because of windy and cold dry weather.

However, when you measure a decrease in temperature, it’s time to switch to a winter skincare routine. Effective winter skincare can include some minor changes in the way of cleaning, protecting, and moisturizing your skin.

You can even change your diet plan and consider taking a healthy diet that provides moisturizer to your face and body. If you want to keep skin moisturized and protect it from dryness and other issues that arise in winter, then explore useful tips mentioned in the article as it helps you protect your young and beautiful looking skin.

Remodel Facial Skin-Care Regimen

During the winter, it becomes essential for you to choose cream-based cleansers. Applying astringents sparingly and toners cleansers during the season are not right. Some of the astringents contain alcohol, resulting in drying your skin. When your skin is itchy and dry, you should stop using those products containing alcohol; it can help your skin retain its natural oil.

Make sure to eat richer moisturizer on your face, especially during nights, do not forget to take care of your lips. Apply a moisturized balm to heal cracked and dry lips. If your lips product causes a tingling or stinging sensation, then consider switching to different products.

Keep Your Face & Body Moisturized

Maintain healthy and beautiful skin by moisturizing it after wash-ups. It will be beneficial for you to use ointments and cream; remember that lotions are better options in humid and warmer climates. Apply creams on your hands, also wear waterproof gloves while cleaning the house or washing dishes. The global skincare market is forecasted to reach around 189.3 billion U.S. dollars as more people consider skincare measures.

Image: (Source)

Invest in the Right Moistures

Harvard report shows we experience drying of the skin, especially when our skin does not get sufficient moisture. Our skin losses moisturizer due to various reasons, such as:

  • Frequent bathing
  • Using harsh soaps
  • Aging
  • Medical conditions

However, there are various inexpensive and simple things that you can consider to relieve dry winter skin, known as winter xerosis or winter itch. Use moisturizers at your office as well as home to keep your skin hydrated. Prefer to use an ultrasonic skin scrubber before applying moisturizer to remove your skin’s impurities and dust and leverage better results on your skin.

Stay Hydrated

The right diet and supplements can help you stay hydrated, prefer to take food containing omega-6 or omega-3 fatty acids. You can also take supplements that contain flaxseed oil and fish oil. It can prove a beneficial step, helping you to gain natural oil for your body and face.

Limit Temperature & Shower Time

Undoubtedly it’s tempting to take a steamy shower, but our skin can be served in a better way with a 5 to 10-minute little warm shower. However, avoid using excessively hot water during the bath as it can cause the skin to turn red. Wash your face, hands, and body with colder water if possible; else, use a little warm water to help you remove germs and is less irritating for your body and face.

Make Choice According to Skin Type

Moisturizer is one of the essential steps which we need to consider in winter skincare. It will help you to protect skin from losing moisturizer for the whole day. The moisturizer choice must depend on the skin type.

Choose the skincare as per your skin type; know whether you have oily skin, non-comedogenic, oil-free, or other skin types to choose your moistures accordingly. Some skin areas, like feet, hands, elbows, lips, nose, etc., are prone to dryness. Hence it needs extra attention, gives a quick moisture boost to it throughout the day.

Avoid Wet Clothes Causing Itchy Skin

Opting for wet shoes and clothes can irritate your skin and can cause itchiness. If socks, pants, gloves, etc., become wet, remove it as it can help you avoid the itchiness.

Use Sunblock

Sooner the summer season gets over; most people have a natural tendency to place the sunblock on the cupboard and ignore using it further. The reduced sunlight available in the winter lulls people to believe that they are invincible to the impacts of sun exposure and UV rays.

Image: (Source)

But one fact is that the winter sun causes the same damage as the sun in the summer. Hence it becomes vital for you to use high-quality creams that protect your skin from sunburns and injuries. The global skin care market amounted to 134.8 billion in 2018 and is predicted to grow at 4.4% CAGR from 2019 to 2025 on the quickly expanding cosmetics industry. Escalating demand for sunscreens, body lotions, and face creams across the globe is required to impact the market over the predicted period positively.

Image: (Source)

Winter Skin Care: Take Extra Care of Skin & Body to Prevent its Beauty!

You can consider numerous things to prevent, protect, and preserve your skin from various damages during the winter season. Have a recap to great ides right below to protect your face and body from harsh winter:

  • Reduce heat use in the home being exposed dry air
  • Avoid hot and long showers
  • Invest in a humidifier
  • Moisturize at least once a day or after a shower
  • Use sunscreen
  • Indulge in refreshing facials

There are numerous challenges to proper skin care in the winter season, but useful skincare tips and proactive measures can help you stay protected. You don’t have to invest a particular time in taking extra care of your skin during winter; some useful tips can help you to maintain moisturizer in the skin. By practicing a simple “Winter Skin Care Guide,” it becomes easier for you to take care of your skin during the winter.

Why VISS IPL Is The Right Choice

VISS IPL uses the inno­v­a­tive IPLIntense Pulsed Light tech­nol­ogy for hair removal.

There are two big dif­fer­ences between Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) sys­tems. One is in the area that can be treated in one go and the treat­ment speed. Gen­er­ally IPL treat­ment heads are up to 6 times larger than the small spot pro­duced by lasers and there­fore treat­ments are much quicker.

The other dif­fer­ence is the wave­length of light pro­duced. Lasers pro­duce light with one spe­cific wave­length whilst IPL uses an entire wave­band. Dif­fer­ent wave­lengths pen­e­trate the skin to dif­fer­ent depths so using VISS IPL is like using a group of lasers in a sin­gle treatment.

In sum­mary, the effi­cacy of IPL and laser hair removal is now gen­er­ally accepted in the der­ma­tol­ogy community.

Skin Beauty: Tryst with Remedies of Anti Aging and the RF Machine

anti aging remedies

Aging – as we call it a natural process, only a few people will be in the mood of accepting it.

And what if it shows up earlier? Panic is the ultimate scene. For some, aging would act as a confidence dampener. But does life end up here? We don’t think so.

Wrinkles would gradually show when the development of Collagen and Elastin proteins is on all-time low. There are a few natural remedies that may help them get back.

Here are a few of them:

  • Aloe Vera – This popular shrub needs no introduction. It is said that the Malic acid and other ingredients of Aloe Vera have collagen improving capabilities, which helps in making the skin more supple and youthful.
  • Olive oil – Yes, you already know it’s healthy and safe choice for cooking. But, it also has beneficial effects on application. The Virgin Olive Oil is supposed to provide vitamins, nutrients and minerals to the skin, which helps in restoring and rejuvenating it.
  • Egg whites – Oh yes, egg white masks are said to be effective in removing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress from the skin.

Another alternative, the galvanic facial machine has shown fantastic results in most of the cases. The low electrical currents with accurate frequencies can do wonders in a small period of time. People who don’t wish to go under the knife for a surgery or spend large amounts at Spas or Salons will benefit from high frequency treatments at home. Indeed, the home care machine costs comparatively less than the aforementioned.

Feel Younger with Anti-ageing Treatment and Therapy

Anti-ageing Treatment

Everyday we expose our skin to microscopic dirt, dust and other impurities that can work itself deep into the pores and wreak havoc on your skin’s health and appearance. Combine this with the natural effects of ageing and your skin is left looking and feeling older than it really is. For many people, looking and feeling young, fit and healthy as long as possible is an important goal. Because their desire to stop or even reverse the ageing process is so strong, the market for anti-ageing devices has become very large. Competing for your money are many different products that claim to do everything from taking years off your face to allowing you to live forever.

A handheld galvanic facial device that works in conjunction with a highly effective line of natural skin care products that offer astounding results in the fight against wrinkles and ageing. The beauty of it is you can give the facial to yourself right at home. Why pay the big money for a spa visit when you can give yourself an inexpensive facial at home with a galvanic spa system. This small handheld device delivers a low voltage, self-adjusting current to the skin that works moisturizers deep into the tissue-clearing and cleansing out impurities lodged deep in the skin that causes dryness, wrinkles and sagging.

In your search for anti wrinkle device, you will also come across products that zap your skin with small amounts of electricity which cause the nearby muscles to repeatedly flex and relax. The products, often designed to be used on facial muscles, claim that this “effortless exercise” enhances circulation. This, in turn, is supposed to bring more oxygen to these places and improve your skin, complexion and muscle tone. The end result, you are supposed to end up with fewer wrinkles and age lines and look younger.

How Home Based Anti Aging Are Beating The Clinicians

skin tightening machine for home use

Seriously, the people are not showing interest to visit a dermatologist anymore, at least for the aging issues.

Why this sudden change in people’s behavior?

It had to come. The phenomenal thing called “Technology” just made it happen.

The viability and value of anti-aging devices have increased. In fact, some of the studies indicate how the anti-wrinkle device has proven effective in reducing the wrinkles.

Is that the only reason?

Well, it can be primarily attributed to that, but then there are more reasons. Generally, a single visit to a dermatologist would cost $50-60. There would be multiple visits, which mean they have to shell out money every time they go for getting their “wrinkles” fixed.

On the other hand, the people who have a galvanic facial device are turning into estheticians. As a matter of fact, for them, the results have been much more than impressive.

For example, the VISS Gold Wrinkle At-Home Iontophoresis Device with Red LED Therapy works wonders on the eyes, mouth corners, and wrinkles. Its application of penetrating the active ingredients of skin care products into the skin benefited in keeping the skin moist and healthy. It has a state-of-the-art feature called Auto skin-sensing system that works only when it touches the skin. Features like auto vibration, auto on/off, and titanium gold head makes it a leading product in the markets. Not to forget, it costs only $39, comparatively less than a single visit to the Clinician!

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Is IPL Hair Removal System Harmful to Skin?

is ipl harmful

The premonitions people hold are quite understandable.

After all, the bitter experiences with different devices aren’t much to fathom.

In fact, people may even quit looking for solutions after their experiences.

However, casting a shadow on all such innovative devices from beauty companies would be inappropriate. In some cases, it was discovered that people didn’t follow the instructions while using the hair removal devices. Also, a few cases suggested that candidates experienced some discomfort when they applied the hair removal devices.

Evidently, it’s not the trivialization of the issue in hand, but the revelation of the facts, the same facts that matter to a customer, who precisely looks for an ideal device.

VISS Beauty has produced a variety of at-home beauty devices that are not only popular but effective to the core. Now, if you buy a professional IPL hair removal system from the brand, you can witness the changes in your body, following the instruction manual properly.

VISS brings an innovative hair removal solution in the device with a new technology in the “VISS IPL Lamp” that helps in removing hair without causing any potential discomfort. The cartridge-based system has a doubled lifespan as compared to the older devices.

Precisely, on applying the system, the large treatment area gets rid of the hair quickly. Comparatively, the other home IPL products have been quite a disappointment for the users.

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Anti Wrinkle Device – The Rise of Home-based Anti-aging Treatments

Anti Wrinkle Device

Yes, that’s true.

With the advent of technology, the innovations of anti-aging therapies and treatments have advanced and people are in love with them.

As a matter of fact, people have reduced their visits to the dermatologists for their advice or treatments due to the expensive charges and invasive procedures.

At this point of time, seeking a galvanic facial device online is no big deal. And why not! It helps the home-based treatment; it is simple to operate and doesn’t cost much.

Discussions about the effectiveness

A few have challenged the effectiveness of the skin tightening and anti wrinkle device, which is quite evident due to misinformation.

When people start aging, the collagen production slows down and the skin isn’t as healthy as it used to be. The machines invigorate those elements that are necessary for improving the skin health.

The anti wrinkle device helps in penetrating the serum or cream to the dermis using ion microcurrents, which in turn, moisturizes the skin and eliminates the dullness prevailing in the skin. Basically, a machine with a strong vibration function enables a deep massage, which further helps in penetration of beauty cream/serum products through the skin.

It’s not a one-day affair, so one mustn’t expect it to do wonders in a day. After all, the biological processes take time for improvement.

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