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back hair removal at home

Hav­ing a hairy back is a com­mon prob­lem for men and women all over the world.

Men are increas­ingly becom­ing more con­cerned with groom­ing and the trend for a ‘back, sack and crack’ wax is in full swing. With smooth–chested men such as David Beck­ham flaunted in the media, along­side a more wide­spread accep­tance to male groom­ing, men’s wax­ing and shav­ing is becom­ing more com­mon. How­ever, as women have already expe­ri­enced over a longer time period, these solu­tions are often only tem­po­rary and require reg­u­lar upkeep and maintenance.

As well as the embar­rass­ment of find­ing a salon that treats men, the prob­lem with wax­ing is not only that it can be excru­ci­at­ingly painful, but the rip­ping action dam­ages hair fol­li­cles leav­ing future hairs to grow at odd angles, often side­ways into the skin. Ingrown hairs can then become infected and painful.

Many men are choos­ing to use hair removal creams, which dis­solve the ker­atin in the hair strands, killing the sur­face hair which can then be eas­ily wiped off. These kind of creams have an over­bear­ing chem­i­cal odour and only kill the hair to the sur­face of the skin. Wax­ing, shav­ing and depila­tory creams are all quick fixes which don’t have long last­ing effects. What’s worse is that when the hair starts to grow back, it can be incred­i­bly itchy, and there is noth­ing more irri­tat­ing than an itch you can’t reach!

How Back Hair Removal at home Works

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is said to be the least painful and most effec­tive method of per­ma­nent hair reduc­tion and is suit­able for both men and women  as well as the major­ity of skin types and hair colours. It involves run­ning a small lamp over the skin which trans­mits pow­er­ful light pulses of var­i­ous wave­lengths that tar­get the pig­men­ta­tion in the hairs, heat­ing and destroy­ing it (the hair will fall out over a few days). As hair grows in cycles, it may take up to six treat­ments to make the results more per­ma­nent, but you should see sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tions over a short time period. You can even pur­chase IPL home sys­tems allow­ing you to treat your­self in the com­fort and pri­vacy of your own home– avoid those embar­rass­ing salon appoint­ments forever!

(Top tip, a large mir­ror will make this task eas­ier, or alter­na­tively, shar­ing the machine with a friend of fam­ily mem­ber will make

For the one off expense of buy­ing the VISS IPL home sys­tem which is suit­able for both men and women, your­self and your part­ner can prac­tice safe, almost pain­less, per­ma­nent hair reduction.a home machine even more cost-effective, whilst also offer­ing a help­ing hand for hard to reach areas.)

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