At What Age Can You Use IPL Hair Removal Products?

age limit for ipl treatment

At What Age Can You Use IPL Hair Removal Products?

Grow­ing up with exces­sive hair is a com­mon prob­lem many women and men face all over the world and can be extremely embar­rass­ing and dam­ag­ing to your self-confidence.

Both women and men are grow­ing more con­cerned with how they look and the trend of hav­ing as lit­tle hair as pos­si­ble, apart from your head, is becom­ing more pop­u­lar. With the media show­ing off the hair­less chests and backs of men such as Chris Hemsworth and the hair free beach babes like Kim Kar­dashian, it is no sur­prise that that more men and women are feel­ing the pres­sure to opt for this look. How­ever, the typ­i­cal choices of wax­ing and shav­ing require reg­u­lar upkeep that can be hard to fit in

IPL is a less painful and less time con­sum­ing alter­na­tive to laser treat­ments which also allows you to treat a much larger tar­get area. As well as being cheaper and quicker, the abil­ity to treat your­self in pri­vacy when­ever you need to is also an advan­tage of this option. Viss IPL may be your first expe­ri­ence with a light-based self-treatment so it is impor­tant to read the guide thor­oughly before you use it so the treat­ment can per­form effectively.

Peer pres­sure to fit in with the Chris Hemsworth’s and Kim Kardashian’s of the world can be intense, espe­cially for those who suf­fer from exces­sive hair growth and those who are at school. How­ever, as hor­mones are often to blame for exces­sive hair growth so an IPL treat­ment would not be effec­tive on those going through puberty. What’s more, as you are not fully devel­oped before the age of 18 the treat­ment could poten­tially dam­age your skin. There­fore, it is advised that you shouldn’t use any laser hair removal prod­ucts until you are 18.

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