5 Top Tips and Tricks for At-Home IPL Hair Removal

hair removal tips

Many com­pa­nies are start­ing to acknowl­edge that hair removal is not only cru­cial for people’s self-esteem, but also some­thing that many of us would rather do it in pri­vate. Home hair removal sys­tems are get­ting more sophis­ti­cated and eas­ier to use as the demand increases. Of course, we could all use a lit­tle help for hair removal tips to get started to ensure that the process is as quick and as pain­less as possible.

Tips To Choose Your Hair Removal Weapon

Obvi­ously, shav­ing is the eas­i­est way to remove unwanted hair at home. How­ever, the results only last a short while. If you want longer last­ing results, depila­tory creams are an excel­lent choice. If you’ve got very resis­tant hair, you may find that the creams are infe­rior to wax in terms of going ‘com­pletely bare’. Wax cer­tainly does require some exper­tise, but the results are amaz­ing. You’ll be hair free and smooth for at least three weeks, and because you are rip­ping out the hair by the root, the growth rate slows down over time.

Pre­emp­tive Pain Mea­sures are Essential

If you are a woman, don’t wax or pluck in the days before or dur­ing your period. Your pain tol­er­ance is nat­u­rally lower and you’ll find the skin is not only ten­der longer, but the expe­ri­ence is also much more uncom­fort­able. Before you attempt to wax or even pluck areas that you know are going to cause some pain, take an Advil about an hour prior. You may even want to con­sider numb­ing the area with an ice cube.

Prepa­ra­tion is the Best Prevention

Ensure you have absolutely every­thing you need within grab­bing dis­tance before get­ting started. Not only is wax or cream excep­tion­ally hard to remove, but if these prod­ucts are left on the skin for too long they can either burn or harden. It’s a time sen­si­tive process; elim­i­nate the pos­si­bil­ity of any dam­age to your body or home by hav­ing every­thing you need before you begin.

Give Your Parts Time to Recover

The way you care for your newly bare parts is cru­cial. The hair-free skin you’ve exposed is raw from the removal, or sen­si­tized from the chem­i­cals you’ve used so you need to pam­per it. Don’t scrub the area, don’t use any retinoids or AHAS, and don’t use any exfo­li­at­ing prod­ucts for a day after the pro­ce­dure, as you’ll irri­tate the skin even more.

Show Them No Mercy

If you for­get to care for the waxed area, you will expe­ri­ence the joys of mul­ti­ple ingrown hairs. What’s more, these plugged fol­li­cles can become infected and war­rant a trip to the doc­tor. The solu­tion is to start exfo­li­at­ing daily in shower about two days post removal. Not only will your body stay smooth, but the fol­li­cles will remain unblocked, allow­ing your new growth to come in properly.

As a cul­ture, we have pretty rigid stan­dards when it comes to excess hair. What­ever the rea­son, hair is less accept­able now than it ever was before. How­ever, there are ways to deal with unwanted hair in the pri­vacy of your own home.

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