“VISS Live Younger”

Change Your Beauty Routine

If your skin looks dull even after enough sleep, that means it is time to change your skin care routine.

Anti-aging takes more than just applying skin care products. Every night, skin cells are revitalized with Viss’ salon-like treatments at home.


As a skin care device company, Viss has been focusing on developing new beauty solutions to slow down the signs of aging, as well as leading the beauty industry by introducing K-beauty technologies to its varied systems.


“VISS” originates from a Latin word “vis”, a feminine noun meaning courage, power, activity. Viss has adopted its name with the aim of building a brand for beautiful and strong women.

Viss’ logo symbolizes women’s confidence with the shape of heart colored in green of a seed sprouting its way out of the ground to portray lively women.



Expanded the business and built production lines.
Launched Viss organic cream and Viss moisture cream.
Won 2018 Korea Awards.


Developed Viss Cosmetic : Viss Moisture cream, Viss Organic Cream.
Contracted for Distributionship with Vietnam, Israel, Holland.
Launched in Amazon.com, Amzon Euroupe, Amazon Japan, Amazon Austrailia.


Developed “VISS Wrinkle”, “VISS Hair” and “VISS Sonic2”
Acquired Certificate of Patent for “VISS Wrinkle” and “VISS Hair”
Applied for a Utility Model for “VISS Wrinkle” in China
Acquired CE and FCC for “VISS Hair” and “VISS Sonic2”
Acquired KC for “VISS Wrinkle”


Acquired brand “VISS” in Japan and China and USA


Acquired Certificate of Patent for “VISS RF”
Acquired CE and FCC for “VISS RF”
Registered Factory Certification
Established R&D Center


Acquired ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 by KFQ
Registered in Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association
Selected as Promising Small and Medium sized Export Firms
Launched “VISS RF”


Registered brand “VISS” in Korea
Registered in Communications sales and Medical device sales permits


Awarded for Top export of 100 million


Brand “VISS” launched in USA
Started exporting to US and Canada
Acquired CE and FCC for VISS IPL